Under the leadership of Dr Vishwa Mahadeo and Melissa Ramdeen, we provide health care and other care for the elderly.

Our activities embrace teaching care and love for our parents.

As part of a monthly cycle of activities of the Mahadeo Foundation, various communities are visited and health care provision is part of the agenda. The elderly persons in the community are invited for a special health check-up that include testing their Blood Pressure, providing advice and other care for their needs, free manicure and pedicure among other services.

Checking blood pressure

Our care for the elderly includes Blood Pressure check-up and discussion on general health matters.

Doctor hand examining an elderly patient’s foot

Free manicure and pedicure along with foot and hand hygiene and general massages.

Dr Vishwa Mahadeo leads the way in elderly care across Guyana. His team of volunteers, coordinated by Sister Melissa Ramdeen, provide exemplary service on behalf of the Mahadeo Foundation.

Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo is the eldest son of Pt Budhram Mahadeo CCH and Ma Rajkumarie Mahadeo. He is a Member of the Guyana Parliament and a Medical Doctor who has devoted himself to serving his people through politics, religion, health care and health administration . His free time is all engaged in motivating and working with people across the country, and especially, providing care and help to the elderly.

Sister Melissa Ramdeen heads the group of volunteers giving practical care for the elderly.

Sister Melissa holds distinction as an experienced public health manager and revels in giving practical healthcare. She is also an avid animal welfare activist.

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