May 2019
Motivational Sermons May 24-26th, 2019, Crabwood Creek Vedic Temple, 6:30-9:00p
Medical Outreach for the Elderly, May 25th, Crabwood Creek Vedic Temple, 10a

May 2019
Visit to Black Bush Polder
Round-table discussion with residents
Visit to the Elderly
Momentous visit to Mr Kirpal, 96 Years old.

June 2019
Fathers’ Day visit to various fathers around the country.

June 2019
Motivation Sermons, June 7-8th 2019, Ramballi Residence, Essequibo Coast
Youth Round-table, June 8th, 3p, Ramballi Residence, Essequibo Coast
Medical Outreach for the Elderly, June 8th, 10a, Ramballi Residence, Essequibo Coast

July 2019

Motivational Sermons July 4-8, Lutawan Residence, #48 Village.
Medical Outreach on June 7th, 1p
Gayatri Chants June 5th-June6th 10a

August 2019
August 17-18 – 1-night Motivational Satsang on 17th 7p @ the Rambrich Residence, Bengal Village, Berbice
1-day prayer session on 18th 9am

September 2019
1-night motivational session at Canje, 7th September

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