Let there be light

With the devastation and depression created by corona Virus Disease, we have created a multi-religious virtual temple of light in which hundreds of worshippers get together each evening at 6:30pm to offer traditional Christian, Islamic and Hindu prayers before lighting a candle at 7:00pm

Each night the program culminates with lighting of a candle or diya or lamp.

Each program is live on https://www.facebook.com/AbeeChunes/ Facebook, Youtube and other outlets, including Channel 19 in Corentyne, Guyana.


Thoughts, philosophies and scriptures from all religions.


Prayers are offered for our health-care workers, front line personnel, those who are affected by COVID-19 and healing. Prayers are also offered for the maintenance of our health and families.


Lead us O Lord, from unreality and falsehood unto reality and righteousness, from darkness of ignorance unto light of wisdom and from death and misery unto immortality and eternal happiness.

Let there be Light.