Studies and exam on the Satyarth Prakash

by the Maharishi Dayanand Chair, Maharishi Dayanand University, India

The Maharishi Dayanand Chair in collaboration with Arya Samaj bodies around the world organizes courses, seminars, discussion workshops and other forms of interaction like quizzes and examinations. The aim is to foster the teachings of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati and the propagation of the Arya Samaj.

The Current head of the Maharishi Dayanand Chair is Professor Dr Ravi Prakash Arya.

Examination on the Satyaarth Prakash

This exam is aimed at testing students’ knowledge of various chapters of the Satyarth Prakash. The exams will be held annually and will follow a series of lectures aimed at expounding the teachings of the Satyarth Prakash.

Top graduating students will feature in subsequent training of other students.

There is no age restriction for these courses and the exams. The exams will be held in Intermediate and Advanced Levels:
– Intermediate: Chapters 2,3 and 10
– Advanced Level: Chapters 1,2,3,4,7,8,9 and 10

Examination Dates
xxst of XXXXber, 2021 and will be taken online.

Registration for exams and seminars
Students must register for the exams by sending their personal details to…..

Details of Exams
– The Examination will be in multiple-choice format.
All answers must be based on the Satyarth Prakash.
– Satyarth Prakash pdf can be found here (click this link)
– The exam paper will be available at this site (click link). It must be downloaded and answered in clear black ink or using Abobe forms.

Contact persons
Professor Dr Ravi Prakash Arya