Taming the Inner Storms

Taming the Inner Storms is the second publication in the series Practical Vedic Teachings for Everyday Living.
This series present applicable lessons from The Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwat Gita and other Eastern Philosophy.
Pandit Jag B Mahadeo is the author of this book. He has converted his sermons on the topic into the book for easy and ready access.

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More about this book:
Taming the inner storms is the second volume in the series Practical Vedic Teachings for Everyday Living.
This series examines the various areas of everyday living through the lessons from the Vedas, the Bhagavat Gita, the Upanishads and other sources of Eastern Philosophy.
This booklet incorporates the teachings of the various scriptural texts in a providing a lesson on how to tame the inner storms that prohibit us from achieving our true potential. It also provides an insight into the ten pillars of purposeful living from the Manusmriti.
This series, Practical Vedic Teachings for everyday living, represent sermons and lectures that are delivered by Pandit Jag B. Mahadeo, “designed to help us become Spiritual Thinkers – to be persons who truly understand that we are all indeed on a Spiritual Journey; a journey in which we should all seek to be in a state of constant spiritual upliftment; a journey which takes us higher and higher every day of our lives.”

About the Author
Pt. Jag Mahadeo is an engineer by qualification and profession. However, he spends a majority of his time performing religious service both inside and outside of the USA. He has also published numerous books and articles on Hinduism which can be found at http://theheartofthesun.com. He is also a main member of the Mahadeo Foundation, a charitable organization that provides social service in Guyana, the land of his birth.
The Mahadeo Foundation is pleased to be associated with this publication which is intended for free distribution.
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