Benefits of the Clove

Cloves are knows for their use in food preparation with their sweet but earthy taste. They are supposedly packed with health benefits which include:

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial — They help with infections and inflammation.

Treatment of colds — Cloves can help reduce inflammation and expel mucus; they reduce coughing fits, soothe the throat and acts as an expectorant.

Boosts the immune system — Cloves have a high level of antioxidants that help ease infections and fight the bad bacteria.

Oral Hygiene — Cloves freshens your breath and their antibacterial properties can minimize the spread of bacteria in the mouth.

Promotes digestion — Cloves aid better digestion of food while minimizing indigestion and dyspepsia. They also reduce gas pressure in the stomach.

Some of the uses of cloves

Acne — Cloves can help prevent acne breakouts. Apply a mask (of ground cloves,  honey plus a few drops of  lemon juice) for 20 minutes.

Mouthwash —  Freshens the breath as well as provide anti-bacterial benefits to the mouth.

Toothache — Clove oil can act as a painkiller for toothaches.

Air freshener — Make your own all-natural air freshener by boiling orange peels with a few pieces of cloves in water and let it simmer. That’s fresh!

Closets A few pieces of cloves inside a clean sock will freshen any musty closets and drawers, leaving your clothes smelling sweet and fresh.

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