The Essequibo annual activity

For the third consecutive year, we have been hosted by the Ramballi Family, of Columbia, Essequibo Coast for our Motivational sermons and community outreach. This year boasted a magnificent attendance of over 700 persons to the motivational talks and approximately 65 elderly persons were given medical attention.

The motivational talks incorporated the scriptual teachings into practical life stories and practical everyday lifestyle. These talks were bolstered by the massive support and love shown by the people of Essequibo.

Our medical outreach focused on giving care and attention to those over 60 years. Over 65 persons attended the medical sessions. Our team also visited the homes of some parents who were incapacitated. Dr Vishwa Mahadeo spearheaded this effort and was reminded (by the patients) of his significant contribution to the Health Sector on the Essequibo coast during his tenure there.

Our Prayer session on Sunday focused on healing and bliss. With a wide participation from many persons from near and afar, prayers were done for the sick persons, for the uplift the depressed and for blessings for everyone.

The Essequibo event was a great success due to the hard work of the Ramballi Family and the support and hard work of Imam Bacchus & Sons, Brother Alvin Persaud, Brother Shankar, the neighbours of the Ramballi Family, Brother Ravi D Mohan and his excellent Band and Sound System and many others.

The Ramballi family continues to impress us all with their united approach as well as their dedication to spread goodwill in the community. The elderly Mother of the family continue to lead with firmness and love while Rakesh (Harrischan) and his siblings poured their heart and soul into the event to ensure that Mother was happy with everything.
God bless the Ramballi Family. We will come again in 2020.

A weekend of Love, Devotion and Service to Parents

Thank you to the Crabwood Creek Arya Samaj, the Berbice Central Arya Samaj for hosting us and ensuring that the weekend of 24, 25 and 26 May 2019 was full of bliss and love.

We enjoyed every moment spent with you. The Mahadeo Foundation was happy to contribute towards the care and love extended to the Elderly through the visits to their homes.

Thanks to Pandit Sanjay whose love and leadership is exemplary.

Salutations to the exemplary work of Sisters Mando Ramnauth, Brahash, Usha Oudhraj, Brothers Deven, Raj, Vicky, Narvon and others who worked tirelessly towards the successful events.

Special thanks to Sisters Melissa, Beena and Sandira for their work with the Elderly and the footcare given to the parents.

Essay competition tackling Guyana’s three main religions

The following article is replicated from one of the national newspapers of Guyana. See here.

Essay competition tackling Guyana’s three main religions

– To bring out common good themes

By Telesha Ramnarine

THE Mahadeo Foundation, a local non-profit organisation providing charitable services to the people of Guyana, has embarked upon a mission to promote education and essay writing by launching a competition that embraces the country’s three main religions.
An essay competition was started this year with the first one embracing Hinduism, and the other two, to cover Islam and Christianity, will be held at different times in the year.
“It is hoped to bring out the common good themes of all religions, and the bonds that bind us together [rather than the differences],” Director Yog Mahadeo told the Pepperpot Magazine in an interview recently.

At the year-end events, the foundation aims to sing Christmas carols, share stories, play games and ensure that each child receives a gift

The topic for the first essay, “The ninth principle of the Arya Samaj” is instructive to the creation of a noble and cohesive society. The competition calls for an essay on the principle that says that no one should be content with their welfare but should realise that their welfare lies in the welfare of the rest of the society.

“We propagate the view that we are our brother’s keeper and if we make our neighbours, friends, and community happy, then we will, naturally, be happy,” Mahadeo expressed, adding, “The concept for this essay was derived from the works of the great Saint from India, Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati who spent his life promoting the advancement of a world that is noble and in which we all care for each other.”

It is being done in collaboration with the Berbice Central Arya Samaj, the Rambrich Family of Bengal Village, Berbice, Inspire Inc. and Gifts by Reena LLC.

During the period 2016 to 2018, the foundation hosted year-end giveaways for children in all three counties of Guyana

“The purpose of the essay competition is to promote education and essay writing while also embracing such noble concepts that can build everyone – whether they write an essay or read them. The underlying promotion of education cannot be overstated,” Mahadeo said, adding, “We hope to encourage our youths to read and write more on the topics of morality and natural laws. While this year the topic is as chosen, our next essay competition will be on other religious/social topics.”

The Mahadeo Foundation provides charitable services to Guyana and focuses on education and culture while assisting in providing care for the needy and children. The initiative arose from the social workaround that has been carried out in the country.

At a gift giving exercise last year

“Our Foundation has been conducting motivational workshops, community service, medical outreaches and other social works in many villages for the past five years. We work with our youths to raise awareness and to fight depression. Our activities include youth camps, tutelage, empowerment sessions, and of course, gift sharing,” Mahadeo explained.
During the period 2016 to 2018, the foundation hosted year-end giveaways for children in all three counties of Guyana, including at Sophia, Columbia (Essequibo Coast), Skeldon, and Canje. At these year-end events, over 500 children were catered for. The events included singing Christmas carols, sharing stories, playing games and ensuring that each child received a gift.

The medical outreaches have been focused on the elderly. “We provide free blood pressure testing, medical consultancy, some over-the-counter treatment and, even pamper them with manicures, pedicures and some therapeutic massages.”

The work of the foundation with youths has been aimed at starting a conversation that leads to open communication with parents, religious leaders and a team from the foundation who are available throughout the day to take calls and talk with anyone who needs to share their concerns, vent their frustration or seek advice.

The organisation has also on a yearly basis helped a few needy families with educational supplies for their children to attend school, either financially or with school bags and books.
Meanwhile, the winner of this essay competition can win $100,000. It is opened to anyone 25 years or younger.

Water – from another world

Around 5 billion years ago, all the ingredients for our oceans were floating in a planetary nebula.” The BBC’s article on The Alein Origins of Earth’s Oceans explained that “… these oceans have not always existed on our planet. And the water within them is alien, arriving here many hundreds of millions of years after the Earth first took shape, 4.5 billion years ago. Back then, the surface of our planet was an unrecognisable hell – volcanic and bone dry.”

“Our oceans’ water, the substance precious to every life form and which has come to define our planet, arrived in frozen lumps from space during one of the most violent episodes in our planet’s early history.”

The BBC also has an excellent video on its site that tells the story of Why Water is one of the weirdest things in the Universe. And the NASA website reports that the The Solar System and Beyond is Awash in Water.

We reflect on the ancient scriptures that tells the story of the descent of water from the Heavens and the religious and cultural symbolism that has been attached to water in the scriptures. Every religion has a special relationship and story that relates to water, its use, its symbolism and its involvement in rituals.

Essay Competition 2019

The first of three Essay Writing competitions will start in April 2019. 
The topic for this first competition is: The ninth principle of the Arya Samaj. 

Competition details:
Starting date for submissions: April 20, 2019
Closing date for submissions: June 20, 2019
Age requirements: This competition is open to anyone who is 25 years or younger as of April 30 2019, regardless of religious or other background.
Prize: The best essay will be awarded G$100,000 or US$500.00.

The Mahadeo Foundation is the sponsor of this Essay Writing competition. Collaborative bodies include: The Berbice Central Arya Samaj, and Hindus Unite for Guyana.
The winner’s Prize is donated by The Rambrich Family

Submission details
Electronic submissions ONLY. Send your completed essay, in English Language, in Microsoft Word format, as an attachment to the

For more details, visit the Essay Page

Looking back at The Ramballi/Mahadeo Under-17 Cricket tournament 2018

Despite challenges the Ramballi/Mahadeo Under-17 tournament was a success – from the Guyana Chronicle, 23/02/2019

NOT many cricket competitions are being sponsored in Essequibo and in particular for schools; yet I was indeed heartened by the initiative taken by co-sponsors Harrischan Ramballi and Yog Mahadeo of the Mahadeo Foundation.

In fact, generally, cricket in the county is quite dormant. I have had the privilege, though, of witnessing the majority of matches in the competition, which began in November 2018 and concluded on February 20, 2019. It was earmarked for secondary schools in the Region.

Mr Ramballi was very passionate about introducing a competitive atmosphere within the cricketing community as well as seeking to formulate a developmental path for budding young cricketers in Essequibo. In this regard, sponsors were acquired for the seven secondary schools where the players received uniforms, gear and in other cases free transportation to the matches.

The preparation of pitches was primarily done by Mr Ramballi with assistance from Mr Sam Bacchus who facilitated the use of the Imam Bacchus ground for several matches without compensation. The Affiance Number 1 and Reliance Sports clubs were also instrumental in providing invaluable support to the success of the tournament.

While I was impressed with the thought process of introducing such a competition; much more is needed especially by the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) whose presence at the games was a disappointment. I was of the firm belief that with the collaboration of the ECB, its paid coach should have been working with the schools at various periods. This did not materialise and from my observations, there were youngsters who seemingly were playing a competitive match for the first time.

In such instances, they were uncomfortable with the gear, some were clueless about the rules and field-placements while others it seemed needed prior motivation which a coach could have done. There were also technical deficiencies in all departments including a few of the bowlers who had suspected actions.

Generally, though, there was a genuine commitment from the players who were eager and confident to display their talent. The tournament had a buzz about it which, upon reflection, had similar vibes as when I competed during my time at secondary school.

There were instances too whereby some players had to be debarred from participating because they were not attending school regularly, yet they wanted to play. Next year I am sure those defaulters will be on the school’s register with maximum attendance.

Notwithstanding the challenges of an inaugural tournament, it fulfilled the objective of having competitive cricket being reintroduced into the education system and getting the players interested with the aim of seriously pursuing a career in the sport. I therefore envisage that national Under-15 all-rounder Sheldon Charles will ascend to greater heights since he was stunningly the most outstanding player.

He exhibited his maturity while excelling with both bat and ball. Other exciting prospects included Arian Doodnauth, Renard Ramroop and Kamesh Lall – batsmen with good techniques and temperament, Raj Ramballi is a promising leg-spinner while Dreshawn Phillips and Alex Ally have proved to be exciting fast bowlers with genuine pace and rhythm.

It is the expectation therefore that ECB, along with other stakeholders, will facilitate these players’ progress in the sport through camps, continuous coaching and more competitions.
Credit therefore to the sponsors and the Department of Education that the Ramballi and Mahadeo Foundation Under-17 tournament was successfully executed and has created opportunities that will further enhance the future of a core of very talented young cricketers. (Elroy Stephney)

Ramballi/Mahadeo Inter-Secondary School Competition in Essequibo

SEVEN Secondary Schools in Region 2, including team ‘A’ and ‘B’ from Anna Regina Secondary, are participating in the Ramballi and Mahadeo Inter-Secondary School 30 overs Under-17 cricket competition which was launched last Saturday at the Imam Bacchus ground in Affiance.

The impressive opening ceremony cum march past was witnessed by a wide cross-section of stakeholders, including sponsor Harrischand Ramballi, Member of Parliament Dr Vishwa Mahadeo, Regional Executive Officer Rupert Hopkinson, Secretary of the Essequibo Cricket Board Autto Christiani, overseas-based Guyanese Nizam Kadir of the Mahadeo Foundation of Canada and Charlie Persaud, CEO of Excellence Business Consultancy of the USA, as well as Managing Director of Imam Bacchus Group of Companies, Sam Bacchus, teachers and parents.

Regional Chairman Davenand Ramdatt bowled the first ball to open the tournament on Tuesday. .During his brief presentation, Mr Ramballi expressed delight in partnering with the Mahadeo Foundation, Essequibo Cricket Board, Department of Education and the business community in having such a tournament played in Essequibo.

He disclosed that “cricket needs to be promoted consistently in the county and especially at the grassroots and school levels”.

He added: “I am prepared to make the sacrifices in providing a dream for young and aspiring cricketers.”

He said the concept of staging the competition was first shared with him by Mr Yog Mahadeo – Director of the Mahadeo Foundation and co-sponsor – who has played an instrumental part in organising the competition.

The tournament will now become an annual event with the expectation that players will emerge to play at the National level. Similar sentiments were also expressed by Region 2 REO who gives his unequivocal support including from the level of the RDC.

Meanwhile, the eight teams have been sponsored by business enterprises as follows – Anna Regina Secondary ‘A’ by H. Ramballi General Construction, Anna Regina Secondary ‘B’ by Bhowan’s Machinery Import, Charity Secondary by Dellip Singh of Double ‘D’ Mart, 8th of May Secondary by Excellence Business Consultancy, Cotton Field Secondary by Hyper Sounds, Abram Zuil Secondary by Reaz Sporting Gear, Aurora Secondary by Anna Regina Fire Station and Johanna Cecilia Secondary by Roy’s Seasoning. All the teams have been provided with clothing. Cricket balls and transportation have been made available by the sponsor.

Trophies, medals and cricket gear will be presented at the conclusion of the round-robin competition which will see the teams play each other. The four top teams will qualify for the playoffs.

Matches will be played at several venues including Affiance No.1 ground, Imam Bacchus, Cotton Field and at Reliance. After the final a team will be selected to tour Berbice for a series of matches against their counter-parts.