The Essequibo annual activity

For the third consecutive year, we have been hosted by the Ramballi Family, of Columbia, Essequibo Coast for our Motivational sermons and community outreach. This year boasted a magnificent attendance of over 700 persons to the motivational talks and approximately 65 elderly persons were given medical attention.

The motivational talks incorporated the scriptual teachings into practical life stories and practical everyday lifestyle. These talks were bolstered by the massive support and love shown by the people of Essequibo.

Our medical outreach focused on giving care and attention to those over 60 years. Over 65 persons attended the medical sessions. Our team also visited the homes of some parents who were incapacitated. Dr Vishwa Mahadeo spearheaded this effort and was reminded (by the patients) of his significant contribution to the Health Sector on the Essequibo coast during his tenure there.

Our Prayer session on Sunday focused on healing and bliss. With a wide participation from many persons from near and afar, prayers were done for the sick persons, for the uplift the depressed and for blessings for everyone.

The Essequibo event was a great success due to the hard work of the Ramballi Family and the support and hard work of Imam Bacchus & Sons, Brother Alvin Persaud, Brother Shankar, the neighbours of the Ramballi Family, Brother Ravi D Mohan and his excellent Band and Sound System and many others.

The Ramballi family continues to impress us all with their united approach as well as their dedication to spread goodwill in the community. The elderly Mother of the family continue to lead with firmness and love while Rakesh (Harrischan) and his siblings poured their heart and soul into the event to ensure that Mother was happy with everything.
God bless the Ramballi Family. We will come again in 2020.

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