Aarya Veer Dal

Aarya Veer Dal, Aarya Veer Dal

Saahas dikhaa-e chal jeevan barmaye chal.
Pag pag pe maatri bhoomi kee Lajjaa bachaaye chal

Sajaa aaraam saav dhaan dal pooras chal
Shanai chal veg chal daur chal chal

Vaam daksh vaam daksh vaam daksh vaam
Shatru bheer me bhee bal, too aazmaaye chal

Vaam ghoom daksh ghoom aur peeche ghoom
Vir desh dishaa o ko abhai banaaye chal

Agyaan ko bhagaa anyaay ko mitaa
Abhaav door karke shaanti too bannaye chal

Glory unto the Arya Vir Dal
Show courage and build your life; protect the honor of the motherland.
Learn to discipline yourself by following the martial training as taught in this Arya Vir Dal. For in so doing, you will learn to conquer all your enemies.
O Virs, O initiated braves! Make all the corners and parts of your country free from fear.
Remove ignorance and rid the society of injustice. Dispel all traces of want and poverty and establish peace all over.

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