Havan in English (Mantras only)

Sipping of water2

Om amrito pas-taraṇam-asi svaahaa.

Om amritaa pidhaanam-asi svaahaa.

Om satyam yashah sreer-mayi
sreeh sra-ya-taam svaahaa.3

Anga Sparsha4
Touching various Parts of the body5

Om vaaṅg ma asye ‘stu. (mouth)

Om nasor me praaṇo ‘stu. (nostrils)

Om akshṇor me chakshur-astu. (eyes)

Om karṇayor me shrotram-astu. (ears)

Om baahvor me balam astu. (shoulders)

Om oorvor ma ojo ‘stu. (thighs)

Om ariṣhṭaani me’ṅgaani
tanoos tanvaa me saha santu.
(sprinkle all over)

  1. for each mantra, take a little water in the right palm and sip at the end of the mantra
  2. Acharya Pt. Budhram Mahadeo, CCH: “O Lord, water washes and cleanses our outer bodies and outer selves. So too, may this amrita (nectar-like) water serve to symbolically cleanse my inner self. May the amrita of your blessings cleanse my mind.”
  3. Taittireeyaaranyak 10.32, 10.35, Ashvalayana Grihyasutra 1.24.12,21,22
  4. With water in the palm of the left hand, use the middle & ring finger of the right hand to touch the parts of the body
  5. Paaraskara Grihyasutra 2.3.25
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