The Sandhya is a set of 19 verses that are aimed at reawakening the inner self each day. Sandhya is recommended as a daily duty so that we can start and end our days reinvigorated and refreshed in the cosmic dip of bliss.

Here, we present the Sandhya in three formats:
Select 1: The Sandhya in Sanskrit (no English transliteration or explanations)
Select 2: The Sandhya in English. (No Sanskrit text or explanations)
Select 3: The Sandhya in Sanskrit and English with prose meaning as well as verse translations.

The Sandhya Format as advised by the Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi Sabha is as follows:

  1. Gayatri mantra
  2. Aachmanam – sipping of water
  3. Indriya Sparsha – touching body parts
  4. Marjana – purification of limbs
  5. Pranayama – deep breathing
  6. Aghamarshan – avoiding sins
  7. Aachmanam – shanno devir
  8. Manasa Parikrama – mental circumspection
  9. Upasthana – communion
  10. Gayatri Mantra
  11. Samarpan – self surrender
  12. Namaskar – salutations with namah shambhavaaya
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