Svasti Vachanam

Svasti Vachanam

The complete Svasti Vaachanam1 is presented here, comprising 31 mantras from the 4 Vedas. The Svasti Vaachanam commences with the first mantra of the Rig Veda and concludes with the first mantra of the Atharva Veda. The verses provide a philosophical and practical approach to life, an understanding of creation, the maintenance and evolution of our connection with the Almighty and the pure worship of a perfect devotee.

As the name suggests, the Svasti Vachan are utterances (words) of peace, bliss and prosperity through which we invoke God’s blessings to bless us and all around us with peace, prosperity and happiness.

अग्निमीडे पुरोहितं यज्ञस् देवमृत्विजम्होतारं रत्नधातमम्

Agnim-eeḍe purohitam yajyasya devam-ritvijam. Hotaaram ratna-dhaatamam.2

Agnimeede3 I admire and adore that force of energy which purohitam4 existed even before this cycle of creation. The hotaaram5, the One who, within Himself hosts/produces the yajyasya creative power that devam enlightens all and is the light of the world. That ratnadhaatamam6 sustainer of the cosmic gems like the planets is always ritvijam worthy of our worship.

अग्निम् Supreme, energy, fire, heat, combustion, power ईळे adore, praise पुरोहितम् existed even before this cycle of creation,leader यज्ञस् creative power, honour and good deeds देवम् enlightens, light of world ऋत्विजम् creator, One worthy of worship through all time होतारम् giver and receiver, originator, one who hosts everything by own energy रत्नधातमम् sustainer of everything precious, especially important to the cycle of creation.

नः पितेव सूनवेऽग्ने सूपायनो भवसचस्वा नः स्वस्तये

Sa nah piteva soonave ‘gne soopaayano bhava.
Sachas-vaa nah svastaye.7

Sa nah piteva He is the Almighty Father to us, soonave his children. May our Father, the agne all-knowing God who is soopaayano bhava easily accessible to sach a worshipper/devotee asva unattached to physical possessions bring us svasti peace, benevolence and prosperity.

he नः to us पिता father इव like ूनवे for the son अग्ने all knowledge ूपायनः easily accessible भव – be सचस्वा unite (also: सच a worshipper, अस्व without possessions) नः to us स्वस्तये for our good or welfare

स्वस्ति नो मिमीतामश्विना भगः स्वस्ति देव्यदितिरनर्वणः
स्वस्ति पूषा असुरो दधातु नः स्वस्ति द्यावापृथिवी सुचेतुना

Svasti no mimeetaam-ashvinaa bhagah
svasti devyaditir-anarvaṇah.
Svasti pooṣhaa asuro dadhaatu naḥ
svasti dyaavaa-prithivee suchetunaa.8

May the suchetunaa scientific knowledge and exploration of the ashniva bhagah luminous bodies in space, the stars, sun, planets, moon, atmosphere, the wider space, the cosmos all be beneficial to us. May all thse anarvan constantly rotating bodies as well as the aditih earth which, like a devi goddess provides for our needs, be beneficial to us. May the pooshaa invigorating and asurah life-giving nature dadhaatu nah constantly give us bliss and may the knowledge of the dyaavaa prthivee earth and cosmos continue to be beneficial to us.

स्वस्ति peace, well-being नः for us मिमीताम्  do अश्वि teachers, preceptors, wise ones – also, luminous bodies: sun, moon, stars etc भगः healthy water, air etc (pure environment/nature) देवी goddess अदितिः indestructible earth/planet अनरवनः in motion, also, energetic people, active (duty-bound) persons पूषा invigorating असुरः live-giving, like clouds etc, life-giving nature दधातु may give नः to us द्ावा heavens/cosmos पृथिवी planets/earth सुचेतुना scientifically explored/examined.

स्वस्तये वायुमुप ब्रवामहै सोमं स्वस्ति भुवनस्य यस्पतिः
बृहस्पतिसर्वगणं स्वस्तये स्वस्तय आदित्यासो भवन्तु नः

Svastaye vaayum-upa bravaa-mahai
somam svasti bhuvanasya yaspatih.
Brihaspatim sarvagaṇam svastaye
svastaya-aadityaaso bhavantu nah.9

May brihaspati the Almighty Protector svasti uplift our knowledge sarvaganah and sustain this enhanced knowledge of the sciences of bhuvanasya the world, the sun and outer space, vaayu the air/atmosphere, soma moon, tides and medicinal herbs. May this knowledge upabravaamahai be disseminated tor bhavantu nah our benefit.  

स्वस्तये welfare/well-being वाुम् air/atmosphere उप ब्रवामहै disseminate सोमम् the moon भुवनस्य of the world ः who पतिः protector, father, leader (भुवनस्य पतिः also refers to the focal point of the world, that is, the sun) बृहस्पतिम् protector of all planets/galaxies/worlds सर्वगणम् sustainer of all life आदित्ः scholars भवन्तु  may be नः  to us

विश्वे देवा नो अद्या स्वस्तये वैश्वानरो वसुरग्निः स्वस्तये
देवा अवन्त्वृभवः स्वस्तये स्वस्ति नो रुद्रः पात्वंहसः

Vishve devaa no adyaa svastaye
vaish-vaanaro vasur-agnih svastaye.
Devaa avant-vribhavah svastaye
svasti no rudrah paatavam-hasah.10

May Agni the all-knowing vasuh radiant One bless us with the vaishvaanarah bright and well-intentioned vishvedevaah scientists and scholars adya now and always who can avantu support and lead us. Let us ribhavah preserve and protect the scriptures. O rudra punisher of the wicked, please paatu protected from amhasah wrong-doing and immoral actions. 

विश्वे देवाः scholars of the world, lord of knowledge, materials and senses नः us अद्य now, present time स्वस्तये beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity वैश्वानरः brightest, purest वसुः radient, ubiquitious अग्निः all-knowing God देवाः learned ones अवन्तु support, protect us ऋभवः Protector of the scriptures, Radiant with Scriptures रुद्रः Punisher of the wicked/sinful ones पातु protect, govern ंहसः from trouble, from sin

स्वस्ति मित्रावरुणा स्वस्ति पथ्ये रेवति
स्वस्ति इन्द्रश्चाग्निश्च स्वस्ति नो अदिते कृधि

Svasti mitraa-varuṇaa svasti pathye revati.
Svasti na indrash-cha-agnish-cha
svasti no adite kridhi.11

O Agni All-knowing God, you are indra master of the world, the adite everlasting and every-present benefactor. Please, kridhi bless me with revati prosperity. May my mitravaruna breath be steady and supportive of my sustenance. May there be svasti health and prosperity all around.

स्वस्ति beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity मि॑त्रावरूणा healthy/friendly/blessed in-breath and out-breath प॑थ्ये path, Vedic path रेवति abundant, rich, affluent, brilliant, prosperity I, mine, us  इन्द्रः Lord, leader and अग्निः All-knowing अदिते imperishable, ever-present कृधि perform, cause, make, produce

स्वस्ति पन्थामनु चरेम सूर्याचन्द्रमसाविव
पुनर्ददताघ्नता जानता संगमेमहि

Svasti panthaam-anu charema
jaanataa sangame-mahi.12

Anu charema Act wisely in choosing and staying on the svasti panthaa path of peace and compassion punah constantly, soorya-chandrama-iva just like the sun and moon, all for your blessing and development. Be dadataa charitable and kind, and sangamemahi maintain the company of wise, honourable and aghna non-violent persons.

स्वस्ति beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity पन्था path, journey अनु चरेम act wisely, towards good actions ुर् sun चन्द्रमा moon इव like, as if, पुनः again, over and over, for your own good ददता give, charitable, giving अध्नता (अघ्) non-violent, not to be killed जानता knowledgeable, wise सं गमेमहि good company (सङ्गम harmony, association with महि honourable)

ये देवानां यज्ञियज्ञियानां मनोर्यजत्रा अमृता ऋतज्ञाः
ते नो रासन्तामुरुगायमद् यूयं पात स्वस्तिभि: सदा नः

Ye devaanaam yagiyaa yagiyaanaam
manor-yagyatraa amritaa ritagyaah.
Te no raasan-taam-uru-gaayam-adya
yooyam paata svastibhih sadaa nah.13

May the devaanaam yagiyaa yagyiyaanaam scholars and scientists, the leaders and wise ones, be men and women of superior knowledge and be blessed and remain pious. May they rasantaam show us the true path to amritaa liberation and may we manoh contemplate and understand. May we all ritagyaa know and follow truth adyaa now and in the future. May we (yooyam you and nah I) be paat protected by our urugaayam intellect, and may svasti benevolence, peace and bliss come to us all.

ये this देवनाम् wisest, scholar of scholars यज्ञियाः revered, divine यज्ञिनाम् sacred, pious, holy मनोः contemplative, refelctive, thinking people, अमताः immortal, liberated life ऋतज्ञाः knowing truth,knowing law ते they, he, she नः us, I, mine रासन्ताम् give, impart उरू गायम् very high knowledge, great education अध् today, now, and future यम् you all पात protect ्वस्तभिः beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperityसदा all नः us

ेभ्यो माता मधुमत्पि्वते पय: पीूषं द्ौरदितिरद्रिबर्हाः ।
उक्थशुष्मा्वृषभरा्त््वप्नस्॒ताँ आदित्ाँ अनु मदा स्वस्तये

Yebhyo maataa madhumat pin-vate
payah peeyoo-ṣham dyaur-aditir-adri-barhaah.
Uktha shuṣhmaan-vriṣha-bharaant-svapna-sastaam
adityaam anumadaa svastaye.14

We  anumada honor and praise yebhyo maataa this mother Earth madhumat pinvate overflowing with its riches and abundance support all our needs. Our payahpeeyusham dyau adribarhah foods, water, air, rainfall, oceans, atmosphere, clouds are all the Earth. May the uktasushmaan wise ones and the scientists be blessed for their vibrabharaan svapna physical, scientific and religious expertise and may taan we be aadityaan wise in our use of the earth, rain and all nature. May svasti peace and benevolence be with everyone.

ेभ्यो who, which, that माता mother, mother earth मधुमत् rich, pleasant, melodious पि्वते overflow, abound,  पयः milk, honey, food, joice पीीषम् nectar, rains ध्ौः sky, atmosphere अदितिः space, heaven and earth, perfection अद्रबर्हाः cloud cover, fast, swift उक्थशुष्मा् powerfully spoken, learned वृषभरा् strong, grabbing strongly, expert in rains (getting rains) ्वप्नसः expert in rituals, ambitious person ता् you, he, she आदित्् wise children अनुमद welcome, praise स्वस्ति beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity

ृ॒चक्षसो अनिमिषन्तो अर्हणा बृहद्दे॒वाो अमृतत्वमानशुः ।
ज्ोतीरथा अहिमाा अनागसो दिवो वर्ष्माणं वसते स्वस्तये

Nrichakahaso animiṣhanto arhaṇaa
brihad devaa so amritat tvam-aa nashuh.
Jyotee-rathaa ahi-maayaa anaagaso
divo varṣh-maaṇam vasate svastaye.15

Bless us with nrichakshah visionary and wise leaders and protectors who are animishantah ever-vigilant and free from laziness and selfishness. May the devaasah wise ones teach us so that we anaashah receive and walk the jyotih rathaah path of light, truth and wisdom. May we upkeep our arhanah honour and devotion. May ahimaayaa peace, non-violence and open-mindedness be with us. May we attain divah varshamaanah superior knowledge so as to anaagasah rise above sins and vasate attain svasti peace and benevolence.

ृचक्षसः visionary, philanthropist, protectors of humanity अनिमिषन्तः vigilant, alert, free from laziness अर्हणा honor, worship बृहत् great, large, big देवासः learned persons अमृतत्वम् imperishable, immortal आनशुः get, reach, receive ज्योतिःरथाः luminous path to traverse, path of knowledge अहिमााः non-violent-minded, versatile, openminded अनागसः sinless, blameless दिवः  वर्ष्माणम् top of wisdom, superior knowledge वसते to attain, affording shelter स्वस्तये beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity

सम्राजो ये ुवृधो यज्ञमाययुरपरिह्वृता दधिरे दिवि क्षयम् ।
ताँ विवा नमसा ुवृक्तिभिर्महो आदित्ाँ अदितिं स्वस्तये

Samraajo ye suvridho yajyam-aaya-yur
aparih-vritaa dadhire divi kshayam.
Taan aa vivaasa namasaa suvrikti-bhir-maho
aadityaan aditim svastaye.16

Those who are samraajah full of radiance and eminence; suvridah progressive; yajyam given to noble sacrifices; ye apari-hivritah brave ones who cannot be overcome; who kshayam dadhire live as though in the divi heavens; who are mah aadityaan are mighty and full of splendour like the sun; who are good to aditim mother earth and all of nature – they are namasaa worthy of our humility and suvrikti bhiha praise. We aavivas respect those persons, and we swastaye sing their praises even after they have passed on.

सम्राजः sovereign ruler ये who, which, that ुवृधः thrive, prosper, excellence यज्ञम् आययुः sacrifice, offering for union with supreme soul अपरिह्वृताः unafflicted (eg unaffected by lust) दधिरे put, provide, make, give दिवि sky, heaven, salvation क्षयम् abode ता् this, he, she, it toward विवा invite, endeavour (आविवा unbroken, consistent) नमसा adoration, auspicious ुवृक्तिभिः praiseworthy, glorious महः good, great आदित्् God, unbroken अदितिम् luminous, blessed, blessful स्वस्तये beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity

को वः ्तोमं राधति यं जुजोषथ विश्वे देवमनुषो यति ष्ठन ।
को वोऽध्वरं तुविजाता अरं करद्यो नः पर्षदत्ंहः स्वस्तये

Ko vah stomam raadhati yam jujo-ṣha-tha
vishve devaaso manuṣho yatiṣh-ṭhana.
Ko vo adhvaram tuvi-jaataa aram karad
yo nah parṣhad-atyam-hah svastaye.17

Ko vah Who do you stomam praise and worship? Who makes you radhati succeed? Who is jujoshatatha favourable to the vishve whole world? Who grants wisdom to the devaahsah wise? Who inspires our manushah meditation and contemplation? Who makes yati sthan adhvaram aram karat your rituals successful and grants wisdom to tuvijaataa renowned scholars and scientists? Who  parshat rescues us from ati amhah excessive sins and grants us svasti peace, bliss and prosperity?

कः what, who वः you, in your midst ्तोमम् praise, sacrificer, wealth राधति give, succeed यम् who, what जुजोषथ devoted to, be favourable, enjoy, endow विश्वे all, whole world देवासः wise, learned persons मनुषः human, thoughtful persons यति you ्थन be, become अध्वरम् sacrifice, religious ceremony तुविजाताः renowned scholar, powerful अरम् (action – eg, completion of something) करत् perform, do पर्षत् rescue, promote, help अति very (excessively) ंहः sin, troubles स्वस्तये beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity

ेभ्यो होत्रां प्रथमामाेजे मनुः समिद्धाग्िर्मनसा सप्त होतृभिः ।
त आदित्अभयं शर्म यच्छत ुगा नः कर्त सुपथा स्वस्तये

Ye bhyo hotraam pratha-maam aayeje
manuh samiddha-agnir-manasaa sapta hotri-bhiḥ.
Ta aadityaa abhayam sharma yach-chhata
sugaa nah karta supathaa svastaye.18

O Lord you are manuh the brilliant One. You are the creator of the mind and senses19 manasaa sapta hotribhih. Lord, may we achieve purity yebhyo through the superior performance of yajyas prathamaam hotraam. May our lives become organized aayeje and purified through yajya and the rays of the sun te aditya. May we experience abhayam sharma happiness without fear, and may we be blessed yachhat with the easy way of life sugaa supathaa. O Great God, may our yajyas lead to our overall welfare swastaye.

ेभ्ः who; from scholars and scientists होत्राम् invocation, calling, call, sacrifice प्रथमाम् first, foremost, primary, at the outset आयेजे in mind, thought समिद्धअग्िः मनुः contemplative worshipper, purified person (through spiritual practice) मनसा mind, means, purpose सप्त होतृभिः the seven receptacles: mind, intellect, ego, ears, speech, eyes, touch ते you आदित्ाः scholars, scientists अभयम् security, fearlessness शर्म protection, refuge यच्छत concentrate, grant, refrain ुगा moving, destination नः us कर्त make, do, perform सुपथा way, road, passage स्वस्तये beneficial, benevolence, bliss, peace prosperity

ईशिरे भुवनस्य प्रचेतसो विश्वस्य स्थातुर्जगतश् मनतवः ।
ते नः कृतादकृतादेनसस्पर्यद्ा देवासः पिपृता स्वस्तये

Ya eeshire bhuva-nasya prachetaso,
vishvasya sthaatur jagat-ashcha mantavah.
Te nah kritaad-akritaad-ena-saspari
-adyaa devaasah pipṛitaa svastaye.20

We acknowledge those honourable persons Ye mantavah who are endowed with prachet sah excellent knowledge of sthaatuh the static and jagatashcha bhuvanasya the dynamic world. They are eeshire masters and advanced persons devaasah. They have not akritaat performed any enasha sinful actions. O Lord, may these noble persons, for adya today and always, be able to look after our swastaye welfare and pari piprit protect us from all sides.

We mantavah meditate on the eeshere All-knowing vishvasya Almighty Lord of all the animate and inanimate objects of the world. O divinity, please bless us with svasti and please pipritah protect kritaat-akritaat and rescue me from the performance and effect of enasya sinful acts adya now and in the future.

who, what ईशिरे govern, command, capable, of all kowledge भुवनस्य world प्रचेतसः intelligent, attentive, carefulness विश्वस्य whole, complete स्थतुः immovable, inanimate जगतः movable, animate and मनतवः contemplative त this नः us, I, mine कृतात् make, perform, cause अकृतात् undo एनसः sin, blame, calamity अद्य now, today पिपृत protect, rescue देवासः wise, divine स्वस्तये prosperity; well-being; fortune

भरेष्वि्द्रं ुहवं हवामहेंऽहोमुसुकृतं दैव्यं जनम् ।
अग्निं मित्रं वरुणं ातये भगं द्यावापृथिवी मरुतः स्वस्तये

Bhareṣh-vindram suhavam havaa-mahem
‘ho mucham sukritam daivyam janam.
Agnim mitram varuṇam saataye bhagam
dyaavaa prithivee marutah svastaye.21

We suhavam take refuge in our agni Almighty One who is our indram God and daivam Divine Power. You are the sukritam virtuous One present in all janam of us. You are our ahomocham Redeemer, mitram our friend and motivator, the varuna source of food and water, bhagam sovereign power, controller of the dyaavaa-prithivee-marutah world, the wind, space and the oceans, heaven and earth. He makes us victorious in our holy bhareshu battles against sins and other vices and grants svasti prosperity to us. We invoke and havaamahe call upon our Almighty One.

भरेषु in the battle, fight (against lust etc) इन्द्रम् god ुहवम् easily called, accessible हवामहे call upon ंहोमुचम् redeemer (from sins) ुकृतम् virtuous, adorned, fortune, virtue, giver of virtue दैव्यम् divine power जनम् living, person, human अग्निम् Almighty मित्रम् friend, motivator वरुणम् god, water ातये victory, acquisition भगम् sovereign, good fortune, द्यावापृथिवी heaven and earth मरुतः air, wind, vital air स्वस्तये prosperity; well-being; fortune

ुत्रामाणं पृथिवीं द्मनेहसं ुशर्माणमदितिं ुप्रणीतिम् ।
दैवीं ावं ्वरित्रामनागसमस्रवन्तीमा रुहेमा स्वस्तये

Sutraam-aaṇam prithiveem dyaam-aneha-sam
susharmaa-ṇam aditim supra-ṇeetim.
Daiveem naavam svari-traam-anaaga-sam
asravan-teem-aa-ruhemaa svastaye.22

O sutraamaanam protector of our well-being, you are the aneham flawless and aditi perfect creator of prithiveem dyaam the heaven and earth. You are our susharman refuge and protector diveem divine supraneetim guide to this naavam svaritrasm boat of life and its controlling oars. O anaagasam impeccable One shravanteem hear our aruha evolving prayer.

ुत्रामाणं protector of our happiness पृथिवीं earth द्ाम heaven and space अनेहस् incomparable, faultless ुशर्माणम् protection, refuge ुप्रणीतिम् beautiful, nicely, also guidance, अदिति perfection, unimpaired, boundless दैवीं divine ावं boat, ship ्वरित्र having good oars, engine अनागस् impeccible, blameless श्रावण ear, hear अश्रवण causing to listen आरुह ascend

विश्वे यजत्रा अधि वोचतोतये त्रायध्वं नो दुरेवाा अभिह्रुतः ।
सत्यया वो देवहूत्हुवेम शृण्वतो देवा अवसे स्वस्तये

Vishve yajatraa adhi vochato-taye
traaya-dhvam no dure-vaayaa abhi hrutah.
Satyayaa vo deva-hootyaa huvema
shriṇvato devaa avase svastaye.23

In this vishve yajatraah adorable and awesome world, adhi vochat may we always be favoured and protected against durevaaya any misfortune or abhihruta disaster and pain. Become svasti blessed by satyaaya embracing truth always; devahootyaa being in the company of the wise and shrinato avase heeding their words; and huvema invoking the presence of the Almighty.

विश्वे whole world, complete creation यजत्र worthy of worship, adorable अधि at, accordingly वोचत teach, explain, declare, also, favour us त्रायध्वम् त्रायते protect, rescue नो us, I, mine दुरेवाा (दुःएवाः) bad, malignant अभिह्रुत् injury, damage, fall सत्य truth, reality वो you देवहूत्ा (देवहूति) invoke god; call on the wise persons हुवेम call, summon शृण्वतः listen, hear, heed देवा god अवसे listen, help, support, prefer स्वस्तये prosperity; well-being; fortune

अपामीवामप विश्वमनाहुतिमपारातिं दुर्विदत्रामघायतः ।
आरे देवा द्वेषो अस्मद्ोतनोरु णः शर्म यच्छता स्वस्तये

Apaamee-vaam-apa vishvaam-anaahutim-apa
araatim durvida-traam aghaa-yatah.
Aare devaa dveṣho asmad yuyotano ru-ṇah
sharma yach-chhataa svastaye.24

O Lord, please bless me with svasti peace and happiness. I seek sharm refuge in you; I seek your protection, dear Lord. Please, yuyotana ward off and send aare far, and uru wide any asmat of my sinful tendencies and negative and please establish benevolence asmat in me, vishvaam in the entire world around me and devaah the people around me. Please apa dispel ameevaam disease and affliction, dispel araatim hostility and adversity, dispel durvida misgivings and bad circumstances, dispel aghaayu maliciousness and threats, dispel dveshah hatred, dispel anaahutim selfishness and unworthy acts, dispel sinful inclinations.

अप away, put away, dispel अमीवाम् disease, affliction, fright अप dispel विश्वाम् whole creation अनाहुतिम् unworthy, non-sacrificing अप dispel अरातिम् enemy, hostility, adversity दुःविदत्राम् (दुर्विद) misgivings, bad circumstances अघयतः (अघाु) maliciousness, intent to injure आरे far देवाः noble people, god द्वेषः hatred, hostility अस्मत् I, mine ोतन ward off, keep away उरु wide, broad, great नः us, me शर्म protection; protective covering; refuge; joy यच्छत establish, grant स्वस्तये bliss, benevolence

अरिष्टः मर्तो विश्व एधते प्र प्रजाभिर्जायते धर्मणस्परि ।
यमादित्ो नयथा ीतिभिरति विश्वानि दुरिता स्वस्तये

Ariṣhṭah sa martto vishva edhate
pra prajaabhir jaayate dharmaṇas-pari.
Yam-aadityaaso nayathaa suneeti-bhir ati
vishvaani duritaa svastaye.25

May we be arishtah safe and unharmed, may our prajaabhih children and family members be jaayate victorious and vishva edhate rise above challenges all over, may the adityaasah noble persons and martah persons in society nayatha enforce and follow dharma righteous path, let us display suneetibhih good conduct and discretion. may we avoid duritaa sinful tendencies and, thus, enjoy svasti peace and bliss

अरिष्टः safe, unharmed (can also mean misfortune) ः this, he, she मर्तः human, mortal विश्वः world, whole एधते rise, increase, splendour प्र towards, ahead प्रजाभिः people, posterity, family, descendant जायते arise, be victorious धर्मणः dharma, law, regulation परि from, about यम् who, that आदित्ः sun, noble people नयथ remove, take away, enforce, or bring, lead ीतिभिः good conduct, discretion अति very (excessive) विश्वानि world, whole दुरिता sinful tendencies, danger, difficulty, bad habits स्वस्तये bliss, peace, benevolence

यं देवोऽवथ वाजसातौ यं शूरसाता मरुतो हिते धने ।
प्रातर्ावाणं रथमि्द्र ानसिमरिष्यन्तमा रुहेमा स्वस्तये

Yam devaaso ‘vatha vaaja-saatau
yam shoora-saataa maruto hite dhane.
Praatar-yaa-vaaṇam ratham-indra saanasim
ariṣhyan-tam-aa-ruhemaa svastaye.26

May yam devaasah the enlightened ones avatah support and help us to vaajasaatau overcome any shoorasaataa challenges and sins. May we be hite dhane blessed with prosperity and praataryaavanam healthy and contended beginning so every day. O Indra Almighty God, may we aa ruhema constantly evolve towards saanasim eternal happiness and svasti peace.

यम् who, that देवासः enlightened ones अवथ support, help, advice वाजसात victory, battle यम् who शूरसाता fighting (fight sin) मरुतः englightened, air, god हिते धने beneficial wealth प्रातःावानम् dawn of life, protection in morning (प्रातः अवन) रथम् joy, delight (also chariot) इन्द्र Lord, Almighty ानसिम् eternal happiness अरिष्यन्तम् non-violent, not being hurt toward रुहेम ascend, evolve, grow स्वस्तये bliss, peace, benevolence

स्वस्ति नः पथ्धन्वसु ्वस्त्यप्ु वृजन्वर्वति ।
स्वस्ति नः पुत्रकृथेषु िषु स्वस्ति राये मरुतो दधातन ॥

Svasti nah path-yaa-su dhan-vasu
svasti-apsu vṛijane svar-vati.
Svasti nah putra-krithe-ṣhu yoniṣhu
svasti raaye maruto dadhaatana.27

May we be svasti blessed pathyaasu appropriately, may our svasti dhanvasu land and farms be productive, may our svasti apsu waters be beneficial, may our svarvati vrijane community be strong, happy, protective and protected, may svasti putrakritheshu yonishu our children be protected even from the time of procreation, may we be blessed with raaye wealth and positive effort, may marutah dadhaatana we be blessed with noble teachers and good leaders.

स्वस्ति bliss, peace, benevolence, prosperity नः us, mine पथ्ु appropriately, deservedly धन्वसु desert, barren स्वस्ति prosperity अप्ु water वृजने community, strength ्वःऽवति salvation (happiness) free from descent पुत्रकृथेषु for children (procreation) िषु womb, mother’s home राये wealth and zeal मरुतः scholar, air, god दधातन provide, give

्वस्तिरिद्धि प्रपथे श्रेष्ठा रेक्णस्वत्यभि ा वाममेति ।
सा नो अमा ो अरणे ि पातु ्वावेशा भवतु देवगोपा ॥

Svastir-iddhi prapathe shreṣh-ṭhaa
Rekṇas-vaty-abhi yaa vaamam-eti.
Saa no amaa so araṇe ni paatu
svaa-ve-shaa bhavatu deva gopaa.28

May we enjoy shreshtha superior svastiriddhi well-being in prapathe our advances in life. May we be blessed with reknasvat wealth and prosperity. May there be no vaamam ill-will or disfavour saa nah abhi towards me or my home so iti arane whether now or in the distant future. May we be devagopaa protected by God to enjoy svaaveshaa beautiful life and from never nipaat falling from grace

स्वस्तिः-इत्-हि sense of well-being प्रपथे way, journey श्रेष्ठा superior, most excellent रेक्णस्वत् wealthy, possessed of valuable property अभि toward, to ा who वामम् (वामता disfavor) एति go toward सा this नः us, I, mine अमा at home, time, ो besides; now; indeed इति thus, so अरणे refuge, distant, foreign, forest ि back, down पातु protect, govern (िपात falling down) ्वावेशा beautiful, easily accessible भवतु become, be, yes, very well देवगोपा protected by God e.

इषे त्वोर्जे त्वा वायव स्थ देववः सविता प्रार्पयतु श्रेष्ठतमायकर्मण
आप्यायध्वमघ्न्याइन्द्राय भागं प्रजावतीरनमीवाअयक्ष्मा
मास्तेनईशत माघशꣳसो ध्रुवाअस्मिन् गोपतौ स्यात बह्वीर्यजमानस्य पशून् पाहि

Iṣhe tvorje tvaa vaayava stha devo
vaḥ savitaa praar-payatu
Aapyaaya-dhvam-aghanyaa-indraaya bhaagam
maa va stena eeshata maagha-shanso
dhruvaa-asmin gopatau syaata
bahaveer-yajamaan-asya pashoon paahi.29

May we be vaayava energetic and active, may we oorje tvaa be physically fit through the ishe nourishing grains and natural food. O Savitur Creator praarpayatu provide us with deva the inspiration to shreshtha tamaaya karmanaa perform noble actions so as to aapyaaydhvam enhance aghnyaa our value so that it never diminishes. Indraaya bhagam bless us with prosperity; may our prajaavatee family and surroundings enjoy anameevaa freedom from diseases, ayakshamaa freedom from any affliction or disorders, maa va stena ishata may none amongst us are thieves, maaghasham so may no one who is chosen as a guard/security be a sinner, May our dhruvaa possessions be long lasting. Asmin gopatau syaata may the innocent ones be blessed with long life. May bahaveer yajamaanasya pashoon paahi may the innocent performers of yajya continue to be protected and may the harmless animals be protected.

इषे own, desire, need (for best things like food, science etc) त्वा you (with described qualities) ऊ॒र्ज्जे vigor, strength वायवःenergetic, active (like th wind) स्थ is, those देवः Almighty, the Giver वः you, my friends सविता Creator of the Glorious world प्र अर्पयतु (प्रार्पयतु) set in motion, mix well श्रेष्ठतम most excellent कर्म्म॑णे beneficial actions आप् increasing, enrich, progress अध्वन् resource, intelligent person, time journey, traveller अघ्ा cow, animals like the cow that are beneficial but non-violent(said of a cloud) इन्द्राय for the attainment of wealth भागम् full of wealth/knowledge प्रजावतीः children ऋति protection अनमीव free from disease, good health अयक्ष्मा person who do not get diseases मा no वः तेनःthief ईशत way of life अघशंः sinner ध्रुवाः for happiness, fixed अस्मि् in this (in dharma) गोपतौ protected (reserved) land/space स्यात be ब॒ह्वीः many of the earlier referred यजमा worshipper अस्य this, of this पशून् cows, horses, (domesticated animals dependent on us) पाहि constant protection

नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतोऽदब्धाोऽअपरीतासऽउद्भिदः।
देवा नो यथा सदमिद् वृ॒धेऽअसन्नप्रावो रक्षितारो दिवदिवे ॥

Aa no bhadraah kratavo yantu vishvato
‘dab-dhaaso aparee-taas ud-bhi-dah.
Devaa no yathaa sada-mid vṛidhe asann
apraa-yuvo rakshi-taaro dive dive.30

May we be blessed with bhadraah prosperity; may our kratavah intellect be protected on vishvatah all sides and adabdhaasah not affected by sins. May we ubhdidah overcome sorrow. May the devaah learned persons and the scientists be apareetaasah unobstructed in their good work. May our apraayuvah careful vriddhi advancement and success be rakshitaarah nurtured and protected divedive always.

नः us भद्राः benefactor, welfare, prosperity, auspicious क्रतवः sacrifice, intellect यन्तु get what is good विश्वतः in all directions अदब्धाः living a good life, not destroyed (by sins) अपरीताः unobstructed उद्भिदः destroy sorrow, fountain, sprouting, grow देवा learned persons, scientists यथा then, for instance, सदम् always इत् is, only वृद्धि increase, success असन् become, be like it अप्रावः attentive, not careless, one whose condition is not destroyed रक्षितारः nurtured, protected दिवदिवे every day, daily, constantly, always.

देवानां भद्रा ुमतिर्ऋजूयतां देवा रातिरभि नो िवर्त्तताम्।
देवा सख्यमुपसेदिमा वयं देवा नऽआयुः प्रतिरन्तु जीवसे

Devaanaam bhadraa sumatir ṛijoo-yataam
devaanaam raatir-abhi no ni-varta taam.
Devaa naam sakhyam upa sedimaa vayam
devaa na aayuh pratir-antu jeevase.31

May the devaanaam sumatih intelligent ones, the scholars, scientists and saints bhadram be kind to us in rijooyataam simplifying nything difficult and raatih abhi imparting knowledge to us. May we nivartataam never turn away from the devaanaam righteous and wise ones as we benefit from their sakhyam friendship. May we upa sedima overcome weariness as vayam we pra tirantu aayuh jeevase overcome all challenges towards a blessed life.

देवनाम् scholars भद्रा benefactor, welfare, prosperity, auspicious ुमतिः wise, intelligent, benevolence ऋजूयताम् honest, simplifying difficult topics रातिः imparting knowledge, gift, favour अभि toward, on नो I, mine िवर्त्तताम् causing to turn back िवर्तते (ि- वृत्) desist from सख्यम् to friendship, companionship उपा toward, on, next ेदिम weariness, descend, beseige वयम् we us आयुः life (sustains life) प्र toward, ahead तिरन्तु traverse, overcome, rescue, overcome, opposite bank जीवसे to live

तमीशां जगतस्तस्थुषस्पतिं धियञ्जि्वमवसे हूमहे वयम्
पू॒षा नो यथा वेदसामसद् वृधे रक्षिता पाुरदब्धः स्वस्तये

Tam-eeshaa-nam jagatas-tas-thu-ṣhas patim
dhiyan jinvam avase hoomahe vayam.
Pooṣhaa no yathaa vedasaam asad vṛidhe
rakshitaa paayur adab-dhah svastaye.32

Tam That Almighty One is the eeshaanam Controller of the world, the patim father and protector tasthushah of all things jagatah movable, animate and tastuvah immovable, inanimate. He avase protects and safeguards our dhiyanjanvam intellect, vedasaam and wisdom and wealth. That paayuh adabdhah indestructible Protector rakshita maintains and protects us from asat lies and falsehood. We hoomahe pray to that pooshaa Almighty, the giver of increasing svastaye happiness and contentment.

तम् that unique ईशानम् Controller of the world जगतः world, movable things in the world तस्थुषः stationary things पतिम् protector धियञ्जि्वम् purifying intellect अवसे protecting हूमहे praise वयम् we, people पूषा confirming, growth, increase नः us यथा like, such as वेदसाम् of wealth, of wisdom असत् lie, untruth वृधे increase, grow रक्षिता protected, maintained, guarded पाुः protector अदब्धः cannot be killed or destroyed or decayed स्वस्तये happiness, contentment, benevolence

स्वस्ति नऽइन्द्रो वृद्धश्रवास्वस्ति नः पूषा विश्ववेदाः
स्वस्ति नस्तार्क्ष्ोऽअरिष्टनेमिः स्वस्ति नो बृहस्पतिर्दधातु

Svasti na indro vriddha shravaah
svasti nah pooṣhaa vishva vedaaḥ.
Svasti nas taar-kshyo ariṣhṭa-nemih
svasti no bṛihaspatir dadhaatu.33

O Brihaspatih all-important Indrah almighty pooshaa God, please vriddhashravaah heed our prayer and dadhaatu bless us with svasti happiness, vishvaveda universal wisdom, taarkshaya strength and arishtanemih good fortune.

स्वस्ति benevolence, happiness, contentment इन्द्रः Almighty God वृद्धश्रवा keen hearing नः us, me, I पूषा God, Confirmer विश्ववेदा omniscient, The Vedas of the world तार्क्ष्ः॑ horse, powerful अरिष्टनेमिः good fortune, pleasure बृहस्पतिः all-important one, God दधातु provide, give, put

भद्रं कर्णेभिः शृणुयाम देवा भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः
स्थिरैरङ्गैस्तुष्टुवांसस्तनूभिर्व्यशेम देवहितं यदायुः

Bhadram karṇebhih shriṇuyaama devaa
Bhadram pashyema-akshabhir-yajatraah.
Vyashema devahitam yadaayuh.34

Let our karnebhih ears shrinooyaam devaah hear that which is bhadram auspicious; let our akshibhih eyes pashyema see and perceive that which is yajatraah adorable, pleasant and positive. Let our angaih body and limbs be sthirairh continuously strong. Let us tushtuvaamasah use these senses and body to do good, to praise and to pray to God. May we vyaashyema attain devahitam good for our service to God, and yadaayuh the full lifespan.

भद्रम् auspicious; lovely; good कर्णेभिः ear शृणुयाम hear, listen, know देवाः truth from the learned ones पश्येम see अक्षभिः eyes यजत्राः adorable स्थिरैः strong, lasting, durable, potent अङ्गैः body, limbs तु्तुवांः praise, laud, adore तनूभिः body, self व्यशेम may we attain (अशेम reach, get, attain) देवहित good for the sake of the learned यत् who, which आयुः life, longevity

अग्न याहि वीतये गृणानो हव्यदातयेनि होता सत्सि बर्हिषि

Agna aa yaahi veetaye
griṇaano havya-daataye
ni hotaa satsi barhiṣhi.35

O Agni Source of all energy and creation, aa yaahi bless us with the realisation of your presence as grinaanah we invoke your presence and bliss to veetaye purify our thoughts and our life. O Hotaa giver of strength and remover of darkness, satsi barhishi we adore you from our innermost pure thoughts as we havyadaataye give of our best to the world.

अग्न God, Supreme source of energy in all created, all=knowing याहि please be present, come to this place वीतये for our progress (eg to purify our thoughts) गृणानः invoke, preach of हव्यदातये offering, giving of the best नि होता giver of strength, remover of weakness सत्सि be graced, be seated, be embraced/adored बर्हिषि in innermost space, in heart, splendour, worshipper

त्वमग्यज्ञां होता विश्वेषां हितः । देवेभिर्माुषे जने ॥

Tvamagne yajyaanaam hotaa vish-veṣhaam hitah.
Devebhir maanuṣhe jane.Saama Veda 1.1.236

Agni O Enlightened Almighty One, may our yagyanaam acts of devotion and worship be hitah beneficial to vishveshaam the world, to the devebhih noble souls, to maanushe jane the people and their health, and to us who perform these acts.

त्वम् you अग्ने Enlightened one, Almighty, Supreme Soul यज्ञनाम् act of worship, meditation, sacrifice होता performer, worshipper विश्वेषाम् all, whole world हितः established, interest, favour, benefit देवेभिः scholars, learned ones माुषे humanity, people जने in people

ये त्रिषप्ताः परियन्ति विश्वा रूपाणि बिभ्रतः
वाचस्पतिर्बला तेषां तन्वो अद्य दधातु मे

Ye triṣhaptaah pariyanti
vishvaa roopaaṇi bibhratah.
Vaachas patir-balaa teṣhaam
tanvo adya dadhaatu me. 37

Ye trishaptaah the innumerable38 unique, materials and elements that make up this vishvaroopaani world and its inhabitants, is bibhratah created and maintained by the vaachaspatih Supreme Lord, the master of our communication. He is the giver of all the balaa strength and power in the world and our tanva body.

ये these त्रिषप्ताः thrice seven substances/elements परियन्ति continuously change, controlled विश्वा world, creation रूपाणि things, forms, रूपण figurative illustration बिभ्रतःcarrying, bearing, holding वाचस्पतिः supreme lord, master of speech बल strength, power, force तेषाम् their तन्वः body अद्य today, now, present time दधातु provide, give, put, donate

Notes: Combinations of threes, sevens and 3×7=21 or 3+7=10
1) a) Past, present, future; b) Creation, preservation, dissolution; c) Earth, space and sun; d) Sattva, rajas, tamas (gunas); e) God, soul, matter; f) Physical, mental, spiritual g)
2) All-pervading God in a) the four dishaa primary directions, b) four vidishaa quarter directions, c) upar up and Ineeche down;
3) Humanity a) 5 knowledge senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin), b) 5 motor skills (speech, hands, feet, legs, presence) c) Panchmahaabhootas air, fire, water, earth, space; d) 5 variations of breath (prana, apana, samana, udana, vyana) and e) The mind
4) Three types of speech with seven vibhaktis divisions of language
5) a) 8 limbs of yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi) b) 5 yamas (ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigriha) c) 5 niyamas (saucha, santosha, tapas, svadhayaya, ishvara pranidhana d) mind, body and soul
6) The composition of human existence: a) panchbhootas (air, fire, water, earth, space), God and Atma (soul)
7) The number 21 is unique in several ways.

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  1. Svasti Vaachanam and Shaanti karanam are part of the daily Havan (agnihotra). Maharishi Swami Dayanand Sarasvati’s Sanskaara Vidhi, Panchmahayagyavidhi and SatyaarthPrakaasha includes these chants as parts of the Havan. These verses are also used to conduct the House Purification ceremony (Grihi Shuddhi) by adding svaahaa at the end of each mantra and making oblations (house purification after a cremation).
  2. Rig Veda 1.1.1
  3. Agni is the first subject of the Rig Veda. The first section (Sukta 1) of the Rig Veda addresses this Agni and is referred to as the Agni Suktam, which starts with the mantra agnim eede putohitam and ends with Sa nah piteva soonave. The agni suktam contains 9 verses.
  4. Most translators infer purohitam as the performer of yajya (yajyasya). However, within its context, purohitam infers that which is in front – or at the forefront.
  5. Hotaaram also refers to the originator of all (one who originates the yajya)
  6. Ratnadhaatamam also refers to the giver/owner of all wealth/precious things. Ratna – wealth (physical, mental and spiritual wealth)
  7. Rig Veda 1.1.6
  8. Rig Veda 5.51.11
  9. Rig Veda 5.51.12
  10. Rig Veda 5.51.13
  11. Rig Veda 5.51.14
  12. Rig Veda 5.51.15
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  15. Rig Veda 10.63.4
  16. Rig Veda 10.63.5
  17. Rig Veda 10.63.6
  18. Rig Veda 10.63.7
  19. The seven receptacles: mind, intellect, ego, ears, speech, eyes, touch
  20. Rig Veda 10.63.8
  21. Rig Veda 10.63.9
  22. Rig Veda 10.63.10
  23. Rig Veda 10.63.11
  24. Rig Veda 10.63.12
  25. Rig Veda 10.63.13
  26. Rig Veda 10.63.14
  27. Rig Veda 10.63.15
  28. Rig Veda 10.63.16
  29. Yajur Veda 1.1
  30. Yajur Veda 25.14
  31. Yajur Veda 25.15, Rig Veda 1.89.2
  32. Yajur Veda 25.18
  33. Yajur Veda 25.19
  34. Rig Veda 1.89.8, Yajur Veda 25.21, Mundaka Upanishad, Mandukya Upanishad, Prashna Upanishad, Jaabaala Upanishad
  35. Saama Veda 1.1.1
  36. Saama Veda 1.1.2, Rig Veda 6.16.1
  37. Atharva Veda 1.1.1
  38. Combinations of threes, sevens and 3×7=21 or 3+7=10
    1) a) Past, present, future; b) Creation, preservation, dissolution; c) Earth, space and sun; d) Sattva, rajas, tamas (gunas); e) God, soul, matter; f) Physical, mental, spiritual g)
    2) All-pervading God in a) the four dishaa primary directions, b) four vidishaa quarter directions, c) upar up and Ineeche down;
    3) Humanity a) 5 knowledge senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, skin), b) 5 motor skills (speech, hands, feet, legs, presence) c) Panchmahaabhootas air, fire, water, earth, space; d) 5 variations of breath (prana, apana, samana, udana, vyana) and e) The mind
    4) Three types of speech with seven vibhaktis divisions of language
    5) a) 8 limbs of yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi) b) 5 yamas (ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigriha) c) 5 niyamas (saucha, santosha, tapas, svadhayaya, ishvara pranidhana d) mind, body and soul
    6) The composition of human existence: a) panchbhootas (air, fire, water, earth, space), God and Atma (soul)
    7) The number 21 is unique in several ways.
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