Bali-vaishvadeva Yajya

बलि वैश्वदेवा यज्ञ

The Manusmriti says “make oblation into the fire with food prepared for meals.”1

Traditionally, we have only offered sweet and non-salted food and vegetarian food. In the current age of gas and electrical cooking, it is impractical to offer items into the fire. However, when convenient, it can be done.

The significance of this yajya is in the act of praying and distributing food to those in need. It is not the physical act of offering food to fire. Instead, it is an act of prayer accompanied by an act of charity. Whatever food we are able to partake in should be also shared. One portion (one meal portion) of whatever we enjoy as a person or a family, ought to be allocable for charitable purposes. The basis of “offering” food is to offer it to those who are in need.

With these mantras offer a little food into the fire (with the word svaahaa)

ओम् अग्नये स्वाहा

Om agnaye svaahaa.

ओं सोमाय स्वाहा

om somaaya svaahaa.

ओम् अग्निषोमाभ्याम् स्वाहा

om agni-shomaabhyaam svaahaa.

ओं विश्वेभ्यो देवेभ्यो स्वाहा

Om vishvebhyo devebhyo svaahaa.

ओं धन्वन्तरये स्वाहा

Om dhanvantaraye svaaha.

ओं कुह्वै स्वाहा

Om kuhvai svaahaa.

ओम् अनुमत्स्वाहा

Om anumatyai svaahaa.

ओं प्रजापतये स्वाहा

Om prajaapataye svaahaa.

ओं द्ावापृथिवीभ्याम् स्वाहा

Om dyaavaa-prithivee-bhyaam svaahaa.

ओं स्विष्टकृते स्वाहा

Om sviṣhṭakṛite svaahaa.

You are Agni, the Almighty Power of the World!
You are Soma, the Masterful provider of nourishment and cure!
You are the synergies between the powers of Agni-soma!
You are the source and cause of all physical and spiritual forces
You are source of knowledge, sciences and medical science.
You are the powers of protection during the night and during sleep.
You are Anumati, the giver of all.
You are Prajapati, the master of the universe
O Master you are the powers of the earth and space.
You are the source of good thoughts, action and good intent.

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  1. Manusmtiti 3.84:- वैश्वदेवस् िद्धस् गृह्ेऽग्ौ विधिपूर्वकम् । आभ्ः कुर्ाद् देवताभ्यो ब्राह्मणो होममन्वहम् ॥८४॥. Verses 85 and 86 then directs as follows अग्नेोमस् चैवादौ तयोश्चैव समस्तयोः । विश्वेभ्यश्चैव देवेभ्यो धन्वन्तरय एव ॥ ८५ ॥ Agneḥ somasya chaivaadau tayoshchaiva samastayoḥ. Vishvebhyashchaiva devebhyo dhanvantaraya eva ca. First to Agni and to Soma, then to both these together, then to the Viśve-devas and to Dhanvantari (v85). कुह्वै चैवुमत् प्रजापतय एव सह द्ावापृथिव्ोश् तथा ्विष्टकृतेऽन्ततः ॥८६॥ Kuhvai chaivaanumatyai cha prajaapataya eva ca. Saha dyaavaapṛithivyoshcha tathaa sviṣhṭakṛite’ntataḥ. To Kuhu, to Anumati, and to Prajāpati; then to Dyauḥ—Pṛthivi jointly, and finally to Sviṣṭakṛit, (v86).