Contemplations – Kabir


Kabir was a 15th-century poet whose work focused on devotion, mysticism, and discipline. He openly questioned some of the popular practices of Hindus and Muslims in India. His work was so philosophical and inspirational that followers from both religions claim Kabis as their own. Kabir’s work was largely in Hindi. He was persecuted for his outspoken criticism of the various practices under the name of religion.

Kabir Das’s approach was one of outspoken but fervent love and devotion to God without the distraction of rituals. His writings are usually dually interpreted, that is, literally and figuratively. Here are some of his inspirational dohas.

A boat of stone

Adorn the mind, not body

Bad words vs good words

Be a weapon or a friend

Be calm and fearless

Bring yourself to the right level

Be like Gold

Can a true devotee die?

Cheat yourself, not others

Clean the mind

Delusions are like a shadows

Do not oppress the weak

Do not trade insults

Don’t laugh at others

Find God within

Focus on your breath, not body

Focus on the Cause of the world; not on the world

Give a flower instead of a thorn

How can we ask God for anything?

I do not ask for wealth

Keep your enemies close

Let go of insults

Make the mind saintly

Rosary of the mind

Sensuality and God cannot coexist

The clay that we walk on will walk on us

We only think of God when in need

What you have to do tomorrow, do it today

When a leaf leaves a tree

Wherever I look, I see You

You walk on me today, one day I will walk on you

You will have time to sleep forever, arise now!

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