Gems from the Vedas

Compiled by Dr Yog Mahadeo

This is a special selection of verses from the four Vedas. These verses are scientific as well as emotive and would have inspired many years of thought and contemplation.

The verses included are:

Subject MatterMantra
Bless our country with noble and good citizensAa brahman brahmaṇo Yajur Veda
Grant me luxury, fameAnnadyena yashasa Atharva Veda
Ever-living, ever-young LordArchantya-arkam Saama Veda
Protect me, O LordAsau te senaa Saama Veda
Spiritual filter for my sensesBhadram karnebhih shrinuyam Rig Veda, Yajur Veda
He brings Wealth & ProsperityBhago na chitro Saama Veda
GenesisBrahma jagyaanam prathamam Saama Veda
Truth is One though explained differentlyEkam sat vipra bahudhaa vadanti Rig Veda
We invoke TheeGanaanaam tvaa ganapatim Rig Veda
Earn God’s favourIme ta indra somaah Saama Veda
God is closest to the righteousJaatah parena dharmanaa Saama Veda
Make the world nobleKriṇvanto vishvamaryam Rig Veda
Never let fear ever deter youMaa bhermaa sam-vikthaa Yajur Veda
Wealth cannot affect my worshipMahe chana tvaamadrivah Rig Veda
Homage to Him and those who worship HimNamah sakhibhyah Saama Veda
Please see us, LordNamaste astu pashyata Atharva Veda
I offer myself for your blessingsOjo’syojo me daa Atharva Veda
Uplift my integrity and strengthPoornaa darvi paraa pata Yajur Veda
Bless me with contentmentShanno deveer abhishtaya Rig, Yajur, Saama, Atharva Vedas
The necessities of lifeStutaa maya varadaa Atharva Veda
Bless of tolerance and strengthTejo asi tejo mayi dhehi Yajur Veda
Our multi-dimensional God.Tryambakam yajaamahe Rig Veda
No prayer seems adequateTunje-tunje ya uttare Rig Veda
Lift me upUtadevaah avaahitam Rig Veda
Purify our thoughts, words and actionsVasoḥ pavitramasi shatadhaaram Yajur Veda
Darkness cannot overcome lightVedaahametam purusham Yajur Veda
Liberal blessingsVishvato daavam Saama Veda
Avoid global warmingYah shambaram parvateṡhuRig Veda
He is, was and ever will beYo bhootam cha Atharva Veda
The water cycleYo hatvaahim arinaat Rig Veda
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