Gems from the Vedas

Yo bhootam cha – He is, always was and ever will be

यो भूतं भवयं सर्वं यश्ाधितिष्ठति ।
्वर्यस्य केवलं तस्मै ज्ेष्ठा ब्रह्मणे नमः

अथर्ववेद १०.८.१

Yo bhootam cha bhavyam cha
sarvam yash-chaa-dhitiṣhṭhati.
Svar-yasya cha kevalam
tasmai jyeṣhṭhaaya brahmaṇe namah.

Atharva Veda 10.8.1

Tasmai Namah only salutations and adoration to jyeshthaaya brahma the most excellent, most supreme Creator of all. He adhitishthati presides over sarvam every aspect of creation. He is bhuh, bhuvah, svah our past, present and future, the kevalam only one who bhuh has been, bhuvah is present and svah will always be.

यो who भूतम् past and भवयम् continuous existence, is ahead सर्वम् all यश्ाधितिष्ठति यत् that and अधि over and above तिष्ठति stays, is, present is स्वः future, yet to be केवलम् simply alone, bare तस्मै only also – to him/to such ज्ेष्ठा most excellent ब्रह्मणे Supreme Creator; Absolute Consciousness नमः salutations, supplication, bow to

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