Gems from the Vedas

Ojo’syojo me daah svaahaa – I offer myself for Your bliss

ओजोऽस्ोजो मे दाः स्वाहा ॥१॥
सहोऽसि सहमे दाः स्वाहा॥२॥
बलमसि बलं दाः स्वाहा॥३॥
आयुरस्ुर्मे दाः स्वाहा॥४॥
श्रोत्रमसि श्रोत्रं मे दाः स्वाहा ॥५॥
चक्षुरसि चक्षुर्मे दाः स्वाहा ॥६॥
परिपाणमसि परिपाणं मे दाः स्वाहा ॥७॥

अथर्ववेद २.१७.१ – ७

Ojo’syojo me daah svaaha.
Saho’si saho me daah svaaha.
Balamasi balam me daah svaaha.
Aayur-asi-aayur me daah svaaha.
Shrotram-asi shrotram me daah svaaha
Chakshur-asi chakshur-me daah svaaha
Paripaaṇam-asi paripaaṇam me daah svaaha

Atharva Veda 2.17.1-7

O Dear Lord, I offer myself as deserving for your blessings:
You are Life and energy, grant me life and lustre.
You are courage, patience and fortitude, grant me courage, patience and fortitude.
You are the strength of life. Grant be the strength of body, mind and soul (strength of the components of life).
You are the continuous life (even beyond death), grant me a full and free life.
You are the divine cause of the science of sound, grant me divine hearing and understanding.
You are light, the source of sight. Grant me good sight and perception.
You are the protector, please protect me.

ओजस् life, vitality, luster, energy मे दाः grant unto me स्वाहा I offer myself सहन patience बलम power, strength आयु life that is complete in all aspects श्रोत्रम hearing and comprehension चक्षुर sight and perception परि abundantly, fully परिपाण protection

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