Birthday/long life


तच्चक्षुर्देवहितं पुरस्ताच्छुक्रमुच्चरत् ।
पश्येम शरदः शतं जीवेम शरदः शतं
श्रृणुयाम शरदः शतं प्रब्रवाम शरदः शतं
अदीनाः स्याम शरदः शतं भूयश्चा शरदः शतात्

Pashyema sharadah shatam
jeevema sharadaḥ shatam
Shriṇuyaama sharadah shatam
Prabravaama sharadah shatam
Adeenaah syaam sharadah shatam
Bhooyash-cha sharadah shataat.
(Yajur Veda 36.24)

He chakshuh sees everything, and devahitam bless those who are deserving and the shukram pious noble persons through His ucharat continuous omnipotence since purastach time immemorial. May we pashyema see, jeevema breathe/function fully healthily, shrunuyaama hear, prabravaama speaks and be adeenaah independent for a hundred years and bhuyah more.

1. This verse is used in several ways:
– as a Birthday Prayer
– as a prayer given during ूर् अवलोकन (soorya avalokan) in the wedding ceremony.
– as a prayer when looking at the sun/sunlight.
– as an individual prayer for long life.

2. One of the unique things about this mantra is that जीवेम (jeevema – life) represents the fully functional, healthy life, whereas speech, hearing, and sight are listed separately. The importance of speech, sight, and hearing is known; that is, through speech, hearing, and sight, we interact with the world and nature, and they facilitate our input and output. Yamas/niyamas.

3. The 100 years signifies more than a number – it is a full lifetime.

Maa sinchantu marutah

मा सिंचन्तु मरुतः सं पूषा सं बृहस्पतिः
समयमग्निः िंतु प्रजया धनेन दीर्घमायः कृणोतु मे

Maa sinchantu marutah
saa pooṣhaa sam brihaspatih.
Sam-ayam-agnih sinchantu
prajayaa cha dhanena cha
deergham-aayah kriṇotu me.

O Protector, may the waters, air, sunlight and fire be beneficial to us. May we be blessed with wealth, prosperity and noble progeny. May these blessings span our lifetime.

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