The Yugas

The Yugas: The yugas are periods of time that are related in the various hindu scriptures. Summary of the various “ages” are as follows:

FOUR Yugas:

Satyuga – 1,728,000 years;
– The golden era; the age of truth and light. One religion, one God. No rituals, no penance – everyone living in accordance with righteousness.
– Lord Vishnu took 4 incarnations: Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha.
Mahabharata describes this period as having equality in society (no gap between rich and poor), worldly and personal desires were not prevalent, willpower was foremost. There were no diseases, vanity, corruption, fear, vanity.

Treta Yoga – 1,296,000 years; (Treta= collection of three). Three incarnations of Vishnu: Vamana, Parashuraama, and Raama.
Spirituality was most important but at a lesser degree than in Satyuga. The awareness of materialism and attachment to material things arose. Lord Rama departure from the world signalled the end of treta yuga.

Dvapara Yuga – 864,000years; Lord Vishnu’s two incarnations, Bala Rama and Krishna.
Deceit and corruption started to become prevalent. Diseases and all types of ailments increased while desire and attachment became common. However, penance was practiced for misdeeds. This Yuga ended with the departure of Lord Krishna. (Mahaabharata war took place during at the and of Dvapara Yuga, approximately 3,100 BCE)

Kali Yuga – to last for 432,000 years. The age of darkness and hypocrisy. Persons will display animosity for each other. Lust becomes commonly acceptable; sins increase exponentially. Intoxication, alcoholism, drugs, sexuality, abuse corruption becomes the norm of society. Approximately 5,100 years have already passed in Kalyuga.

What is a Yuga?

1 human year = 1 day of the Devas
360 Human years = 1 year of the Devas
Satya Yuga is 4,600 Deva Years or 1,728,000 human years
Treta Yuga is 3,600 Deva Years or 1,296,000 human years
Dvapara Yuga is 2,400 Deva Years or 864,000 human years
Kali Yuga is for 1,200 Deva Years or 432,000 human years

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