108 Names of God – Maharishi Dayanand

Here are 108 names of God extracted from Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati‘s Satyaarth Prakaasha, Chapter 1. These names are arranged in alphabetical order (using the English spelling of the names)

1आचार्AacharyaSource of all true knowledge
2आदित्AadityaImmortal, One who never decays
3आकाशAakaashaIlluminator, One who Enlightens
4आनन्दAanandaAll-blissful one
5आप्तAaptaThe embodiment of knowledge and righteousness; Teacher; Accessible by the righteous; Free from negative attributes.
6आत्मAatmaaOne who pervades the soul, All pervading
7अद्वैताAdvaitaOne without second, Only One
9अजAjaOne who brings together atoms and molecules for creation
10अक्षरAksharaImmortal, Omnipresent
11अनादिAnaadiOne without beginning or cause
12अनन्तAnantaOne without limit or boundaries, without dimension
13अन्AnnaOne who contains the Universe within
14अन्तर्ामीAntaryaameePervader of All animate and inanimate
15अर्यमाAryamaaOne who respect and rewards the good and punishes the wicked
16बन्धुBandhuOne who is like a brother unto the world and supports and protects.
17भगवाBhagavaanAlmighty, all-powerful One, One who is worthy to be served and worshiped
18भूमिBhoomihAbode of all
19ब्रह्मBrahmaGreatest of all; Creator
20ब्रह्मणBrahmanAll pervading principle of the world
21बृहस्पतिBrihaspatiGreatest of the Great; Universal One
22बुधBuddhAll knowing
23चन्द्रChandraAll-bliss, Giver of happiness
24चन्द्रमाChandramaTrue source of happiness
25चित्तChitThe Conscious One
26दयालुDayaaluFearless Knower of all, Protector of the Good and Punisher of the Wicked
27देवDevaOne who gives triumph to the righteous
28देवDeveeGod, Supreme Consciousness
29धर्मराजDharmaraajaOne who is free from sin; One who rejoices in truth, justice and righteousness
30दिवDivyaOne who pervades all luminous bodies
31ईश्वरEeshvarOne of Infinite knowledge and power
32गणपतिGanapatiLord of all the material and Spiritual world
33गणेशGaneshaLord of hosts
34गरुत्माGarutmaanMighty by nature
35गुरुGuruTeacher of all true knowledge
36ज्ञानGyaanOne who knows all
37हिरण्यगर्भः HiranyagarbhahOne who is the source; The support of all light and luminous bodies.
38होताHotaaOne who gives what is worth giving and takes what is worth taking
39इन्द्रIndraAll-powerful, Protector
40जलJalaOne who shapes the atoms, Punisher of the wicked
41कालKaalaOne who counts and classifies the material objects and souls
42कालाग्िKaalaagniCause of dissolution
43केतुKetuAbobe of the Universe; One who is free from disease and death
44खमKhamAll-Pervading (as in Om (Protector) Kham (all pervading) Brahma(Greater than all))
45कूटस्थKootasthaThe Changeless One who pervades and supports all.
46कुवेरKuveraOne who covers all, Overspreads over all
47लक्ष्मीLakshmeeOne who sees the entire world and endows it with its variety of nature
49मातरिश्वाMaatarishvaaPowerful like the wind
50महादेवMahadevaGreatest among Great, Light of the World
51मङ्गलMangalAll blissful
52मनManuEmbodiment of all true knowledge
53मित्रMitraOne who loves all and is worthy of love
54मुक्तMuktOne who is free from sin and impurity
55नारायणNaaraayanaPervader, Abode of all souls
56निराकारNiraakaaraFormless one, One without embodiment
57िरञ्जनNiranjanaOne who is free from from immorality or disorder
58िर्गुणNirgunaOne who is free from distinguishing traits like taste, touch, smell etc
59नित्यNityaFirm, immortal, eternal
60नित्य शुद्ध बुध मुक्त ुभावNityashuddhbuddh-muktEternal, Holy, Omniscient and free
61न्यायकारीNyaayakaareeOne who upholds logic
63परमात्माParamaatmaHolier than the soul, Subtler and more powerful than the soul and matter
64परमेश्वरParemeshvarAll powerful, Almighty
65पिताPitaaOne who protects all
66पिताPitaaLike a father, He protects all
67पितामहPitaamahahFather of fathers
68प्रज्ञPraagyaOmniscient, One of Perfect knowledge
69प्राणPraanaSource of all life
70प्रपितामहाPrapitaamahaThe Great-Grandfather; Most superior
71पृथिवीPrithiveeOne who spreads the extensive universe
72प्रिPriyaOne who brings happiness to the righteous ones
73पुरुषPurushaOne who fills the universe
74राहुRaahuOne who is pure without mixture from anything; One who rejects the wicked
75रुद्रRudraPunisher of the wicked
76सच्िदानन्दSachchidaanandaOne who is truth, consciousness and bliss
77सगुSagunaOne with perfect knowledge, perfect bliss, purity, infinite power
78सरस्वतीSarasvateeOne with infinite knowledge of the universe
79सर्वशक्तिमानSarvashaktimaanOne who, by His own Power, does everything
80सतSatOne who exists at all times (in past, present, future)
81सत्यSatyaEmbodiment of true existence
83शक्तिShaktiOne with power to create the universe
84शनैश्चरShanaishcharOne who has access to all
85शङ्करShankaraBenefactor, Giver of Happiness
86शेषSheshaChangeless One through creation and dissolution
87शिवShivaBlissful, Benefactor
88श्रीShreeOne who is served by the Noble ones
89शुद्धShuddhThe Pure One, One who purifies others
90शुक्रShukraAll-holy, One whose contact purify all souls
91ूर्SooryaLife and Light of the Universe
92ुपर्णाSuparnaaProtector and Preserver of the Universe; One whose work is perfect
93ुपर्णाSuparnaaProtector and Preserver of the Universe
95्वयम्भुSvayambhuSelf-Existent, Uncreated
96तेजःTejahOne who shines and enlightens, One who is source of light to luminous bodies
97उरुक्रमाUrukramaaOne of Infinite energy
98वायुVaayuOne who is the life of the Universe; One who is the cause of dissolution, Mightier than the Mightiest
99वरुणVarunaHoliest of all; One who is desired and sought by the righteous and learned
100वसुVasuOne who dwells within all and is the abode for all
101विराट्ViraatEminent One
103विश्वVishvaUniversal Lord, One in whom we confide
104विश्वम्भरVishvambharaSustainer and Preserver of All the World
105विश्वेश्वरVishveshvaraUniversal Lord
106वृहस्पतिVrihaspatiGreatest among Great, Governs the entire universe
107यज्ञYagyaOne who combines the different element together and evolves the world out of them
108यमYamaOne who governs all, administers justice to all, is the Personification of Justice
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