Purity of mind

Purity of mind

May the mind be pure

Puro’pehi manaspaApa

परोડपेहि मनस्पाप किमशस्तानि शंससि
परेहि त्वा कामये वृक्षां वनानि सं चर गृहेषु गोषु मे मनः

Paro-Apehi manaspaApa
kim-ashastaani shamsasi.
Parehi na tvaa kaamaye vrikshaam
vanaani sam chara griheṣhu goṣhu me manah.

O Sins of the mind, get away! Go far away any evil that afflicts the mind. Why do you bring undesirable (suggestions to my mind)? Keep away, I do not want you (Go to the woods and trees). My mind will focus on the positive thoughts of home and possessions.