Gems from the Vedas

Mahe chana tvaamadrivah – No amount of wealth can affect my worship

महे चन त्वामद्रिव: परा शु॒ल्का देाम् ।
सहस्रा ुता वज्रिवो शता शतामघ ॥

(ऋग्वेद ८.१.५)

Mahe chana tvaam-adrivah
paraa shulkaaya deyaam.
Na sahasraaya naayutaaya
vajrivo na shataaya shataamagha.

Rig Veda 8.1.5

O adrivah most powerful One, tvaam you are the mahe Great Lord of all who exacts shulkaaya the deserving fruit (for our actions) the fee or toll which cannot be avoided. O vadrivah powerful lord of all energy flow Na sahasraaya not a thousand, na aayutaaya not ten thousand or shataamaghaa infinite properties and wealth could deflect my worship and homage to you.

अद्रिवः Most powerful One त्वाम् you, to you महा great, good, highest शुल्का fee, levy, toll, price, value and, for परा देाम् cannot leave सहस्रा thousand-fold अयुता tens of thousands शतमघ infinite possessions, Infinite or vast ownership of properties/wealth multiple (amount, gift, properties) वज्रिवः most powerful शता unlimited

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