O my Dear Lord Almighty composed by Dr Yog Mahadeo
Tune – mera pyar hi tu hai

O my dear Prabhuji
I open my loving heart to you, Lord
I love you Prabhuji, I love you Almighty

We see Your greatness, in this creation
From the wide cosmos, to earthly attractions
We all come and, depart one day
Life is a gift, but no one shall stay
Each part of nature, is Your great gift
Thank you O Great One, Thank you Prabhuji
Thank you for all your great loving gifts

All of the powers, in my body
You have provided, O Lord Almighty
All my riches, and my possessions,
Even my strength is, by your compassion
I now dedicate, all of these powers
To help my fellow, Brothers and sisters
To spread Your blissful dear loving name

Won’t you bless me, and keep me near you?
I ask Almighty, do love me anew
What use is this life, without your sweet Grace?
So please bless me, with your embrace
Shine your loving light, unto my needful life
Give me your constant blessings O Dear Lord
That is the only real need I have!

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