Pt. Budhram Mahadeo, Shastri, CCH, Humanitarian, Political leader, Priest, Religious leader, Freedom fighter, Farmer, Interpreter, Trade unionist, Environmentalist, Perfectionist, Father, Brother, Friend, Husband, Counselor, Son and much more. He fits the picture of a complete perfect being. A complete Arya Samajist.

Panditji was one of Guyana’s freedom fighters. He joined the struggle of Dr. Cheddi Jagan for the Guyana’s independence and after independence, served his people and his country on many fronts. In politics, he was his people’s representative: he was a Central Committee member of the People’s Progressive Party for 50 years and he was the Chairman of the Guyana Rice Producers Association for 20 years. He also held the titles of Justice of Peace, Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits, Marriage Officer and he served as a director in various corporate and state boards.

He was a very prominent personality in the struggle for Guyana’s freedom from its dictatorship rule – to which end he once led a country wide march (over 200 miles) in protest against the oppressors. He was jailed and victimized but he persisted toward his goals. He represented the country in many places, including Iraq, England, Russia, Chez Republic, Iran, Suriname, Holland, Cuba, USA, Canada, the Caribbean and other countries.

In his political and philanthropic schedule, Panditji was a leader and motivator. He grew up learning the Vedas and Shastras. A student of Swami Veda Bharati, he served his Guru’s mission of teaching the word of God, thus the title Panditji. He was successful in many debates and stood steadfastly for religious and social reform. In the religious field, he served as President of the Berbice Central Arya Samaj for more than 15 years and Vice President of the Guyana Central Arya Samaj for many years.

As a teacher during his youthful days, he rode his bicycle more than 20 miles each day to teach his classes in a number of villages along the Corentyne Coast. As a Priest, he was a solitary figure as one of the first Arya Samaj Pandits in the country to preach the unity of all religions. He also travelled widely, in and out of the country, to deliver sermon to thousands of devotees.

Panditji became the Guru and a father figure for thousands of disciples in and out of Guyana. He believed in letting the Young Persons lead and so he pioneered the formation of the Guyana Hindu Youth Organization (Guyana Aryan Youth Organization) in the early 1970s. His priesthood lived the ideals of swami Dayanand – even to his express belief that Priests must not charge a fee for performing religious functions. His firm belief in Honesty and Integrity caused his name to spread far and wide, both in and out of Guyana. He was a beacon of light and his soft smile lit up the hearts of many souls yearning for help.

Even as his health started to decline, he never slowed in his duties. His first major illness came as he delivered a speech to hundreds of political supporters at the No. 63 village. He presented that speech fully well aware of his health condition – but felt that he must not lapse in his duties.

The Government of Guyana recognized Panditji for his flawless contributions to his country and awarded the second highest National award, the Cacique Crown of Honor. He was also presented with awards from various groups in and out of Guyana, including the Guyana Rice Producers Association, Guyana Hindi Prachaar Sabha, Guyana Agricultural Producers Association, The Peoples’ Progressive Party, Guyana Hindu Youth Organization, Guyana Central Arya Samaj, Arya Samaj USA etc.

This flame was extinguished on September 27th, 2000 after a morning of prayers, fasting and silence. His light lives on.

His was a marathon life, a whirlwind of pure selfless activities that cannot be equaled.

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