Sangatan Sukta: Prayers for universal peace

संसमिद्युवसे वृषन्नग्ने विश्वान्यर्य
इळस्पदे समिध्यसे सनो वसून्या भर

Sam-samid-yu-vase vriṣhann-agne
vish-vaany-arya aa.
Ilas-pade samidyase
sa-no vasoonayaa bhara.1

O Lord, the giver of happiness and master of all, bless us so that we can all be united in the upliftment of everyone’s health and happiness. May we be enlightened to become masters of our own destiny as we work together for the common necessary elements for a happy and blessed life.

सं unites together इत् indeed ुवाे unite वृषन् powerful, strong, vigorous, source of happiness अग्नि god, All-powerful One विश्वानि all, completely inclusive of everything आर् noble, worthy, honourable, Master towards, come, arrive इळस्पदे इडा पतिः Master of the destiny (one who controls his destiny) समिध्यसे enlighten, brighten : that you नो us वसूि increasing wealth, prosperity, the necessary elements of good living towards, bring, getting भर grant, support

संगच्छध्वं संवदध्वं संवोमनांसि जानताम्
देवा भागं यथापूर्वे संजानाना उपासते

Sam-gacchadvam sam-vadadvam
sam-vo-manaamsi janaatam.
Devaa bhaagam yathaa-poorve
sam-jaanaanaa upaasate.2

Be united in your advancements, look out and uplift each other as you advance together, and communicate without quarrelling. Let your thinking and reasoning consider all people in society. ensure equal rights and benefits for everyone as you follow the path of your illuminated and wise forefathers. Adore and worship God in unanimity.

ंगच्छध्वम् come together or assemble, harmonize (सं together गच्छध्वम्सं go forward, advance) सं together, unitedly वदध्वम् speak, communicate without arguing or fighting सं together वः you मनांि mind जानताम् be compatible, become one, people, community, perceive, know देवा illuminated/wise persons भागं happiness, rights/benefits यथा equally, just like पूर्वे as before, also, in succession संजानाना acknowledge, think of, also understand, intend उपासते adore, worship

सामानो मंत्रः समितिः समानी समानं मनः सह चित्तमेषाम्
समानं मन्त्रमभिमन्त्रयेवाः समानेन वो हविषा जुहोमि

Samaano mantrah samitih samaanee
samaanam manah saha chittam-eṣhaam.
Samaanam mantra-abhi-mantra-ye-vaah
samaanena vo haviṣhaa juhomi.3

Adopt logic and reasoning equally for all, and treat everyone equally in your deliberations. Let your intent, assembly, counsel, laws and worship be together with everyone and for equal rights for all. Respect and adopt everyone’s rights and freedom.

सामानो common, alike, similar approach, similar thinking/logic towards मंत्रः sacred hymn, counsel, deliberation समितिः assembly, society, likeness समानी common, alike, also uniform, universal, all समानम् common, alike, also uniform, universal, all मनः mind/with mind सह with, together चित्तम् intent, content of mind एषः this, wish, divine, option समानम् common, alike, also uniform, universal, all मन्त्र mantra, counsel, deliberation अभि toward, on मन्त्रये discuss, decide व you समानेन like, identically वो you हविषा prayer and worship जुहोमि adopt, embrace, offer

समानी वा आकूतिः समानहृदयानि वः
समानमस्तु वो मनो यथा वः सुसहासति

Samaanee va aakootih
samaanaa hridayaani vah.
Samaanam-astu vo mano
yathaa vah susa-haa-sati.4

O Man, let your objective in life be one and the same. Let your hearts be equal in compassion and let your minds be united together so that there may be an excellent common status of life for all. Live and let live, respect each other’s rights and heed the need for equal upliftment for all.

समानी common, alike, also uniform, universal, all वा you आकूतिः purpose समाना common, alike, also uniform, universal, all हृदयानि heart, mind वः you समानम् common, alike, also uniform, universal, all अस्तु be so वो you मनो mind, idea, decisions, attention यथा equally, as वः you सुसहासति together, happen, exist, transform, co-exist, live and let live


हे प्रभु तुम शक्तिशाली हो बनाते श्रिष्टि को।
वेद सब गाते तुम्हें हैं किजिए धन वृष्टि को ।

He prabhu tum shakti shaalee ho banaate srishti ko
Veda sab gaate rahe hai keejiye dhan vrishti ko

प्रेम े मिल कर चलो बोलो सभी ज्ञानी बनो ।
पूर्वजो की भांति तुम कर्तव के माी बनो ।

Prem se mil kar chalo bolo sabhee jyaani bano.
Poorvajo kee bhaati tum kartavya ke maani bano

हो विार साम सबके चित्त मन सब एक हो ।
ज्ञान देता हूँ बराबार भोग पा सब ेक हो ।

Ho vichaar samaan sabke chitta man sab ek ho
Jyaan detaa hoo baraavar bhogya paa sab nek ho.

हो सभी के दिल तथा संकल्प अविरोधी सदा
मन भरे हो प्रेम े जिससे बढ़े सुख सम्पदा ॥

Ho sabhee ke dil tathaa sankalpa avirodhee sadaa.
Man bhare ho prem se jis-se barhe sukh sampadaa.

O Lord you are the powerful source of all of Creation.
The Vedas sing of your glory and greatness.

Go about your life with love and speak words of wisdom.
Observe to your duties in the same manner as was performed even by your ancestors.

Everyone should develop common thoughts, let your thoughts and words and actions be for the common upliftment of all.
Share your knowledge. There should be equality among you.

May everyone’s emotions synchronize and let everyone resolve be for common good.
May you be blessed with love and abundant wealth.

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