Water – from another world

Around 5 billion years ago, all the ingredients for our oceans were floating in a planetary nebula.” The BBC’s article on The Alein Origins of Earth’s Oceans explained that “… these oceans have not always existed on our planet. And the water within them is alien, arriving here many hundreds of millions of years after the Earth first took shape, 4.5 billion years ago. Back then, the surface of our planet was an unrecognisable hell – volcanic and bone dry.”

“Our oceans’ water, the substance precious to every life form and which has come to define our planet, arrived in frozen lumps from space during one of the most violent episodes in our planet’s early history.”

The BBC also has an excellent video on its site that tells the story of Why Water is one of the weirdest things in the Universe. And the NASA website reports that the The Solar System and Beyond is Awash in Water.

We reflect on the ancient scriptures that tells the story of the descent of water from the Heavens and the religious and cultural symbolism that has been attached to water in the scriptures. Every religion has a special relationship and story that relates to water, its use, its symbolism and its involvement in rituals.

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