Gems of Sanatan Dharma

Aayur health Mantra

May I be blessed so that I can bless others. This verse comes from the Taittiriya Aranyaka 4.2.6

मखाय त्वा
मखस्य त्वा शीर्ष्णे
आयुर्धेहि प्राणं धेहि
अपानधेहि व्यानधेहि
चक्षुर्धेहि श्रोत्रं धेहि
मनो धेहि वाचधेहि
आत्मानं धेहि प्रतिष्ठां धेहि
मां धेहि मयि धेहि
मधु त्वा मधुला करोतु
मखस्य शिरोसि

(तैत्तिरीारण्यक ४. २. ६)

Makhaaya tvaa
Makhasya tvaa sheerṣhne
Aayur-dhehi praaṇam dhehi
Apaanam dhehi vyanam dhehi
Chakhsur-dhehi shrotram dhehi
Mano dhehi vaacham dhehi
Aatmanam dhehi pratiṣhṭhaam dhehi
Maam dhehi mayi dhehi
Madhu tvaa madhulaa karotu
Makhasya shirosi

(Taittiriya Aranyaka 4.2.6)

May you be vigorous, healthy and positive.
May your thoughts always be cheerful and positive.
May there be long life with efficient health systems for the body:
May there be healthy praana (life force) always rising within.
May there be efficient elimination of negative from withing
May there be efficient circulatory and nervous systems.
May there be perfect eyesight and visual inputs
May there be perfect hearing and audio inputs.
May there be a balanced mind reconciled with good speech.
May the Self (soul) be perfect (nourished but unaffected by the senses).
May there be steadfastness and stability (good fame and reputation).
May all these be beneficial to me, internally and externally (mind and body).
May these allow me to be the source of pleasant and positive attitude to others.
May my thoughts and mind be always pleasant and contented.

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